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Pink Flamingo

I love this dress! It makes me feel really sweet and spring-y. This Best Dress, Best is the brand, is actually two pieces: a sheer peach crop top with flowers embellishments and a longer knee length spaghetti strap dress....also peach. ^__^ The best thing about this dress is you can dress it up or down, adding a cute shawl or dramatic garden hat gives the dress a very different look. It's a very fun piece to work with. 

I actually inherited it from my mother...every time I wear it she sighs and says "Can you believe I used to wear that?" I can believe it, she's very pretty, and after all...she had me. HAHAHA. I'm terrible. 

Don't be fooled by all the pink and spinning, the sky can tell you the truth. It was freezing! A couple hours after we shot this it hailed. Terrible!

Also I just decided to put this in because I thought it was hilarious. KUNG FU KICK. I can't spin properly.


  1. found you in chictopia and followed your blog. i like your photos and your blog, it's so clean and organized. mine is just a real mess. that dress is really a darling! :)

  2. Hehe, thanks so much Chyrel it means a lot. =) ^__^

  3. cute look :) i love your dress and this pink scarf becouse i love pink :P great blog

  4. Thank you so much Weronika =D Your comment makes me smile, thanks for coming! I hope you keep on visiting!