Memosne: Food


Hey all,

If you're here, you're probably here because you want to know about some restaurants and the quality of their service and food. I just want to state that all my reviews are simply my own opinion. Everyone has different tastes and preferences and I'm just here on the internet to share some of my own. I'm not a very complicated food blogger and I don't use ratings or anything fancy like that. To me, the true mark of a restaurant is whether I would go back to it or not. I am also one to give restaurants second chances. I know the most difficult thing in the restauranteering industry is consistency, so although I will post my first impression on this blog, I'll also post my returns to restaurants on tumblr and various food updates there. You can find my tumblr here! Anyway, thanks for coming, thanks for reading, and happy eating!



A Cut Steak House

A Zong Mian Xian/阿宗麵綫

Da Zheng Lang Man Sushi Bar/大政浪漫

Justin Signatures

Kitcho Sushi Bar/吉兆


Sushi Sei/壽司清


Cheesecake Etc.

Banana Leaf

Burgoo W 10th

La Faux Bourgeois