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Just living! You've stumbled unto my corner of the internet. I've lived in Northern California, Beijing, Taipei, and now British Columbia. What you see is what you get: I like food, fashion, and being fickle.

Welcome to fafofi.

This silly little blog is an ongoing project where I can explore my own personal style, develop my taste palette, and express my opinions about food, fashion, makeup, and life. I've always held the philosophy that you get really good at something through repeated practice and exercise. So now that I've been documenting my outfits and writing my opinions on varying subject matter, I hope not only to improve myself but also improve my dress sense. I hope I don't seem too vain, arrogant or covetous! Haha, let's hope. ;)

What you'll probably get instead is the rants, ravings, and delusions of a materialistic psychopath.

For any questions, comments, or concerns you can contact me at: