Memosne: July 2011

Contest Update and General News

Hello all! This is going to be a boring post, but I just wanted to let everyone know that the contest is closed and I'll be coming out with winners in the next week. =) Good luck to all of you!!

However, my next bit of news is going to be in relation to the infrequency of posts. I thought I could wing it and just post whenever I wanted to, but that clearly hasn't gone so I decided to make a schedule! Every Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday there will be a new post up. =) So hopefully this will change things!

Alright. Thanks all for coming!


Granny Pants

Aw man! Summer has been going wonderfully. It's such a nice change to the fast pace of the school year. <3 I think dressing up is a little more fun as well. ^__^ 

Recently I've been in love with high waisted shorts, skirts, jeans, and...anything else. =P I thought I looked really clean and cool in this outfit, but when I opened  the door to greet my boyfriend he remarked "Oh! My grandma has those jeans!" I wanted to cry. However, his grandmother is a classy lady. I can't complain with that. 

He also makes me super giggly when he takes "fashion photos" of me, <3 ah! I love him forever. Unfortunately, the most mortifying and embarrassing moments that I forego are often in front of him. Especially whenever I wear white! I just have a tendency to stain it terribly in the most poopie fashion. This time not only did I manage to stain my white outer shirt, but also somehow spill food on the inside of my white tank top. How? I do not know, but...thank god for Tide 2 Go.

I'm missing Taipei quite a bit, but I'm so glad for the cool sunny Vancouver weather. Although it has been raining here quite a bit. =< I want summer!!! Oh, and I realized I never had a closing date on my giveaway...but I'll make it July 30th. =) I'll edit it on the post as well.

I think the next post will be a food post. Anyway, thanks for coming!

Giveaway~ Thank you for sticking around! =) CONTEST CLOSED

Now let's get this contest stuff out of the way! I've blathered on about it for long enough. I've decided to give away two "prize packs" as a thank you for sticking with me through my month long hiatus and just commenting on my boring life, reviews, outfits. <3 Thank you very much! From the bottom of my heart. Here are the two prize packs. 

Laneige Water Sleeping Pack Sample Kit (contains three sample pouches), a deluxe sample size of their Cleansing Oil and their Multi-Cleanser, Two of my favorite nail polishes (skin food and eposa), a makeup bag, and two samples of my favorite face produces (Laneige Berry Peeling Gel and Pore Minimizing Pack)  
Five of my favorite, favorite, favorite beauty masks. "My Beauty Diary": Pearl, Apple,  Cherry Blossom, Swallow's Nest, and Q-10 Masks with a deluxe sized Laneige multi-cleanser.

I know it's not much, but I just wanted to say thank you to you all. =) Now how to be eligible:
  1. You must follow my blog on Google Friend Connect <3 
  2. Leave a comment with your email so I can contact you! (Only one comment will count!)
Extra Entries: 
  1. Re-blog this contest entry or tell your friends about it ^^
  2. Follow me on blog lovin' and Twitter <3 
  3. Tweet: @memosne is having a small giveaway. Click here to enter! 
And I think that's it. >__< Hopefully I'll be having more giveaways in the future, but for now feel free to ask me any questions if you're confused! And thank you very much for sticking around! 

EDIT: Ends July 30th! 

Vancouver Sky

I'm back home and couldn't be happier <3 I'm about to pick boyfriend up from the airport as well. Although this last school semester has been absolutely crazy and hectic...I think I fell in love with the pace. I'm going to go all out with my blog, school work, and job searching. And the sun and clear blue sky always helps out my mood!

After returning from Asia, I've absolutely fallen in love with the maxi dress. Perhaps this stems from the fact that the maxi dresses that I can buy in Asia actually fit me height wise. Usually when I go into H&M, Zara, BCBG, etc. all their maxi dresses are literally taller than I am. It's quite discouraging. =( But I'm lucky to have found two maxi dress gems in Taipei. =) This particular blue dress is from the brand "asamiimajuku" and I sniped my mom's white Prada purse to wear today. I think it makes a lovely combination. 

Now, before I forget...I'd like to thank the lovely and ever delightful Joey for awarding me the "One Lovely Blog Award", even though I'm a dinky blog and hardly update she's been very, very kind to me. ^^

So the rules are:

Rules of the award:
1) Thank the person who gave you the award
2) List 7 facts about you
3) Pass the award along to 15 bloggers

Uhms. Seven Facts OK HURR WE GO

1. My greatest irrational fear is getting stuck in the elevator for a long period of time. 
2. I love lipsticks and lip products. ^__^
3. I have one little sister whom I love very, very, very much! 
4. I want to get into cosplay, I've already started planning out some of my outfits. TEEHEE. 
5. I actually quite like video-gaming (both console and pc) some games I want to buy and play this summer are : Alice: Madness Returns, Infamous 2, L.A. Noire, and Portal 2 ^^
6. I think my dog is like the cutest thing in the world. 
7. I can eat a pound of San Danielle Prosciutto in one sitting. <3 

However, I still haven't spread my little bloggie bird wings yet and found blogs that haven't been awarded this award or bloggers that I know well enough. <3 The good thing is that the summer is just beginning to there's plenty of time to get out there and have fun. I'll put the 15 on hold, but not forever. <3 Or instead, I'll just tag everyone. =) 

How can you resist!
 Oh! And one bit of important news! I am throwing a contest to thank you guys for sticking with me through that month and a half long hiatus, but all the prizes I've gathered are strewn across my suitcases brought back from Taiwan. The next post should have details on how to enter and what the prizes are. Again!! Thank you so much for your patience and thanks for reading!

+ Love