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Granny Pants

Aw man! Summer has been going wonderfully. It's such a nice change to the fast pace of the school year. <3 I think dressing up is a little more fun as well. ^__^ 

Recently I've been in love with high waisted shorts, skirts, jeans, and...anything else. =P I thought I looked really clean and cool in this outfit, but when I opened  the door to greet my boyfriend he remarked "Oh! My grandma has those jeans!" I wanted to cry. However, his grandmother is a classy lady. I can't complain with that. 

He also makes me super giggly when he takes "fashion photos" of me, <3 ah! I love him forever. Unfortunately, the most mortifying and embarrassing moments that I forego are often in front of him. Especially whenever I wear white! I just have a tendency to stain it terribly in the most poopie fashion. This time not only did I manage to stain my white outer shirt, but also somehow spill food on the inside of my white tank top. How? I do not know, but...thank god for Tide 2 Go.

I'm missing Taipei quite a bit, but I'm so glad for the cool sunny Vancouver weather. Although it has been raining here quite a bit. =< I want summer!!! Oh, and I realized I never had a closing date on my giveaway...but I'll make it July 30th. =) I'll edit it on the post as well.

I think the next post will be a food post. Anyway, thanks for coming!


  1. Haha boys, what do they know. My boyfriend quite often doesn't like what I wear. My other guy friends, too, remark on my "granny" clothing when I wear vintage-style pieces hehe

    I like your poses! hehe

  2. Boy's say the darnest things don't they! I'm sure he didn't mean any harm :) You look great and the photo poses are so cute!

    x Marcella

  3. @Joey <3 Thank you lovely. I'm sorry I've been so slack! School. Boys. Family. Sometimes real life is wonderful to live in right? <3 =P I hope you've been doing well lovely. My package will be on it's way to you soon!

    @Marcella Tell me about it! Especially about clothes choices. e.e But I love him. Hahaha, thanks for dropping by! And thanks for all the complements! You're making me blush. =)