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Orange Orangutan

I love how temperate I think it is in Vancouver after going to Boston. I thought I knew cold, I thought I knew cold. How silly and misguided could I be? I took the opportunity on this temperate cloudy day to shed a down-jacket layer, stroll around with me mum, and walk our cute doggie. 

Although he sometimes walks me instead...
Usually I dislike "matchy-matchy" outfits, but I quite enjoy the "Velma" look I managed to pull off with this fleeced blazer and wool turtleneck. To substitute the creep glasses I wore during my last post, I filched my mother's vintage Chanel Sunnies. 

The lovely pendant I'm wearing is made by my incredible mum. She loves remaking jewelry and creating her own designs. She had purchased this jade charm in Beijing, from an incredibly sketchy lady. My mom and I were joking how all the jade she had was from grave robbing, although I seriously hope it's not true, but I remember very distinctly seeing dirt all over the pendants she hadn't sold. 

Now for a bit of Chinese trivia for y'all! The bat and the coin are very important symbols within Chinese culture, symbolizing wealth and fortune. Wearing a bat is also thought to avert misfortune and bring you "expressions of happiness." (i,e, Good luck)  Bats have this good connotation because the Chinese word for bat 蝠 (fú) sounds phonetically similar to the Chinese word for happiness, wealth and luck: 福 (fú). 

Wishing you all a Happy Valentine's Day!