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Business Time~

The title of the post has to be said in a "Flight of the Conchords" like fashion. "Buzinesss Thymmmmeeeee", long, drawn out and twangy. Like this!

Haha, I love those men. I love these pants too. Given to me by my mom, they're Calvin Klein wool gabardine trousers with a very loose cut. They're absolutely lovely! I don't particularly care for harem pants, but this pair walks the fine line between love and loose-y goose-y. This is more business-y than what you would wear everyday, but I have a habits of overdressing, dressing like a business person in completely inappropriate times, and dressing like an old lady. I guess I've learned to "own it." Hee hee haw haw.

The top is fitted and gorgeous, with alternating satin stripes and finely netted portions gives it a nice sexy appeal...that isn't too scandalous.

Then to add sprinkles to the proverbial Sundae, I wear a blazer. Blazers make everything better.

Thanks for coming!



  1. i adore the calvins and i agree with what you said about blazers. it's like icing on a cake.

  2. Wow- love your look. Such amazing style x

  3. @thechyrelgomez Thank you lovely! =) I always love your comments!

    @Masoom R. Minawala Thanks for stopping by! I hope you do so more often!

  4. You've got great style! I like those trousers, they look like they are very comfy, yet they are absolutely chic. Your dog is cute, btw :)
    *new follower*

  5. @ Joey! Oh my goodness gracious! Thank you so much! You made my day! =D