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Lobster Sandwiches

After regaling the tale of underground New York lobster roll maker extraordinaire, Dr. Claw, and his eventual shut down at the hands of NY Health Department, to my parents they were inspired to make their own lobster rolls.

We all weren't very hungry, so a light lobster sandwich for dinner that night was just perfect. We boiled one whole lobster, de-shelled the meat, and made a spread. We mixed the lobster meat with mayonnaise, finely chopped celery, lemon juice, paprika, avocado, green onions, lemon zest, salt and pepper. It was music in the kitchen: boiling water, the clang of pots and pans, and the sharp sound of knives slicing clean through vegetables. Then a lone voice rang through the air "What should we do with the avocado?" All the sounds and movement that danced through the kitchen came to a screeching halt, until only the lobster boiling in the pot could be heard.

It wasn't actually that dramatic, but with the look my dad gave my mom laser beams could've come out of his eyes. My mom didn't want to cream the avocado into the spread, but instead have them sliced thin and put into the sandwich as a separate layer...she thought adding the avocados and mayonnaise together would be far to greasy/creamy. My dad wanted the exact opposite: avocados and spread creamed together as a thick spread, and what dad wants dad gets. So we did it his way and assembled our sandwiches with toasted white bread and a nice crispy layer of bacon.

I still contend that the sandwich is the ultimate light summer meal, and lobster sandwiches rank high on my "Ultimate Sandwich chart". The spread we created was creamy and had the perfect amount of lobster in it, the bacon added texture and cut through the grease of the mayonnaise, and the white bread was simple and unassuming. HOWEVER, creaming the avocados into the mayonnaise was a big mistake. It made the spread far too creamy and made it difficult to eat a whole sandwich...next time everyone agreed to make the avocados a separate layer.

And everyone lived happily ever after....the end!

Thanks for coming!


  1. where i'm from sandwiches are just for snacks or something we eat in between dinner or lunch.
    we're rice eaters. haha! the photo made me all hungry.

  2. We eat rice too! >__< But I guess today we wanted a change. Put some pictures of your meals up, I'm sure they'd make my mouth water too. =)

  3. yummy. x

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