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October Wantlist

When you're on your own and no longer under the financial auspices of your parents...you have to practice the general idea of "budgeting." Obviously I don't have the funds for such indulgences right now, but I've always been content with window shopping. Here is my list of things that I covet more than a normal. I must admit, it's quite shoe heavy.

Let's start from the top left corner and go clockwise, shall we? A tour of materialism!
  1. Netta Boots: Kate Spade: I think these are the perfect fall boots. I'm having a love affair with black and gold (as you can probably see from my other choices), and I think that the black suede and the gold sole looks very chic. The overall color combo makes the book wearable with a gamut of fall outfits and the gold keeps things interesting. The bow at the back is also adorable. 
  2. Ivy Captoe Shoe: Rowen Footwear: Boston is absolutely covered in cobblestone so I've found out that wearing heels will be murder on your ankles. Painful, painful, murder. These flats are a great casual option to the Netta boots. With the same color combination and the additional benefit of gold hardware, it has the versatility of the black base and the added "magpie" factor from the metallic lace pattern. 
  3. Suede Ribbon Bow Loafer: Prada: A friend of mine graciously offered to use a coveted employee discount from a certain high end retail store on whatever I wanted (as a goodbye present to me). So like a responsible adult, I decided I would use the discount on a good pair of all weather boots. I needed some foot ware to tackle the infamous Bostonian winters...but instead I fell in love with these suede smoking loafers. Obviously suede is probably the absolute worst choice for snowy, wet winters and...this shoe doesn't really protect you at all...=.but it's beautiful. The bow is so simple and ladylike, but adds a level of interest to a sleek design. I didn't take up my friend on the offer, but I still find myself visiting the shop page everyday to see if it's still in stock. 
  4. Alicia Dress: BCBG: I love high low dresses, but I've yet to find one that actually suits me. I was eyeing this dress for months...but now it's all sold out. I'm dying. The cut was wonderful, the dress' hem was perfect for my height, the colors didn't accentuate the yellow of my skin...and most of all the collar wasn't too low so I didn't have to worry about flashin' some boob. I feel so much regret that I wasn't able to grab an XXS, but it's winter anyway...I'll have to keep my eye out for next season. 
  5. Animal Ears Cap:BCBG: It's no surprise to anyone that I love headgear with animal ears. I already have a bowler hat with cat ears on it and I was looking to expand my repertoire of cute hats with ears. It seems like these caps were super popular this fall and I'm hoping to snag one before they completely sell out. 
  6. Women's Tan Foster Shoes: Paul Smith: Aren't these adorable? I call them "kilt shoes", but I know that's terribly incorrect. I'm absolutely in love (I love a lot of things), but they're adorable. I love that they're menswear inspired and the double monk strap looks so clean. I can see these guys with paper bag skirts, prim trousers, and jeans! And how well will they pair with argyle socks?! So adorable. 
  7.  Discovery Kit: Lipstick Queen: After I posted my Lipstick Queen Red Sinner review, I have been converted. I want more, but at around $20 per tube, I wanna get the most bang for my buck. The Discovery Kit retails for $48 and for three high quality lipsticks from their most popular collections....I'm game! 
  8. Suede Hidden Wedge Bow Smoking Slipper: Prada: If the beautiful garnet tones of the Suede Ribbon Bow Loafer intimidate you, let me introduce you to its cousin. The simple Suede Hidden Wedge Bow Smoking Slipper, obviously the design is very similar, but its just a little more subdued. The bow lies flatter on the shoe and since its design is a sleek black, it'll literally go with everything. 
What are you guys coveting this month? 

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