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Clarisonic: Sensitive vs. Deep Pore Cleansing Brush Heads

A Mini Review: 

Happy humpday! As I wrote out this "follow up" to the longer Clarisonic review, I didn't think it qualified as a full review given its brevity. However, I thought my comparison between the two brush heads might be helpful to those that are wondering the difference between the two.

This is the sensitive brush head and it comes as the "standard brush" to most Clarisonic handles. The outer ring of bristles remains static and the center ring pulsates with the patented sonic infusion technology. The bristles are soft and probably comparable to the bristles on a "soft" toothbrush.

This is the deep pore cleansing brush head. Obviously the biggest difference between the two is the color. Bright blue! The only other slight difference that you may notice is that the inner brush head bristles are more numerous and densely packed together. Like the sensitive brush head, the outer bristles remain static and the inner bristles do all the moving. If anything, I do feel that the deep pore cleansing brush head's bristles are actually softer than the sensitive brush head. The cleanse doesn't feel any less effective though, it lathers the same amount and my skin still feels "squeaky clean" afterward.

Verdict: I used both and honestly, they cleansed the same. I was worried that the deep pore cleansing brush might be too rough or drying on my sensitive, oily skin, but my skin quality remained consistent. Even the stubborn smattering of blackheads on my nose still remained entrenched in my pores. On the whole, my skin is nicer since introducing the Clarisonic.

The two heads are the same price so I just interchange between them. When my Clarisonic Mia handle broke, I was sent two additional Sensitive Brush heads with my new charger and handle, so I still have the sensitive brush heads in rotation. I also bought a pack of Deep Pore Cleansing heads just to try out, Sephora currently has a value package deal on Clarisonic brush heads, so I have a year supply of those. It's just a brush head palooza over here. Honestly, as said before, the Clarisonic has made a huge change in my skin, but I doubt the individual brush heads, or at least in the case of deep pore vs. sensitive brush heads, make a huge difference in skin cleansing.

Has anyone had other experiences with this brush head? What about the acne brush? Tell me your thoughts!

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  1. Hello FaFoFi, what clarisonic brush brand could you recommend for sensitive skin?

  2. @Josy Bon,

    Hi Josy! I personally have sensitive skin myself and I didn't react badly to using the Deep Pore Cleansing Brushes. I've been using them since I wrote this blog post and I haven't noticed any adverse effects on my skin. Then again, everyone's skin is different. >_<

    Just to be safe, I would recommend to use the Sensitive Brush head. However, if you find that too strong or notice that your skin is more sensitive than usual Clarisonic offers a brush head that's even softer: the Delicate Brush Head.

    The Link to that is here:

    Thanks for stopping by! =) Let me know if you have anymore questions! I'll do my best to answer. =)