Memosne: June 2013

Sephora by OPI: How cute is that? Swatch

Described online as a "opaque vintage coral" this little OPI mini really lives up to his name. What this description is missing is that "How cute is that?" has a subtle gold shimmer to it. The gold shimmer adds a depth to the coral that really entices you into painting your nails with it. I feel that it's definitely a more orange coral, even maybe leaning towards that "smoked salmon" hue.

Fortunately, and unfortunately, I only have a little mini of this. The color is absolutely beautiful and something I envision Barbie wearing if she ever got bored of her "hot Mattel pink."  However, I must say, I've always had terrible luck with corals...whether it's with blushes, nail polishes, or lipsticks...they always seem to pull out the naturally yellow tones in my skin and teeth. Although this color looked so promising in the bottle, and beautiful, when put on my skin it just makes me look super yellow.

The color was a bit streaky on the first coat, and required two more coats to get to full opacity, but applies with ease. I've had nothing but good luck with Sephora by OPI's nail polishes in terms of wear and I don't expect anything different with this one (updates coming soon!.)

You can buy "How cute is that?" here! A full sized bottle retails for $4.50! Sephora's having a sale right now!  And for all those looking to identify their mini by serial code the serial code at the bottom of my bottle is: SE125 11265. 

To combat the aging problem I think I'll just wear it on my toes! I hope the swatches were helpful! 

Edit: A week later, there's a little tip wear, but on the whole it wears well! 

Purchase link: here!

-Beautiful Color
-Easy application
-Current price!!! 
-No chips! 

-Brings out yellow tones

Taking it to the MAX-i...dress....

Wearing: Club Monaco Cooper Dress, Prada Cat Eye Sunglasses, Club Monaco Cardigan, Sam Edelman Shoes, Coach Purse 
For petite girls I think Maxi dresses are an especially difficult item to find and incorporate into one's wardrobe. Simply because maxi dresses are usually just as tall as me! However, when I saw this dress from Club Monaco, I knew I had to have it. Last summer they released this same dress in both black and navy, but the Cooper dress sold out while I was being indecisive.

Unfortunately, I purchased this one full price, but a couple of months later, while there were still plenty of them, they all went on sale. From full price to $99 and then an additional 20% off. OUCH. MY WALLET. The only thing I can do to console my soul, or weep even more about dry cleaning bills, is the fact that its 100% silk. Club Monaco currently have two models of the Cooper Dress Available in Colbalt and in a pattern for $269 which you guys can view: here!

My mantra has always been simple with details of interest! Although the dress is very simple with it's design and rounded neck, it has a cute little bow, keyhole at the back! The Cooper Dress also has little straps at the shoulders that allow you to snap your bra into place, just so you won't have any embarrassing strap issues.

The length of the dress is great for me at 5'3, although I am pushing it, I can get away with flats and heels. However, I did have the dress tailored to adjust the width. Even though the length was great for me, when the bow was tied at the back it was clear the dress was a bit big on my petite frame.

Finally, I paired the outfit with my Sam Edelman sandals that I purchased after seeing Laura, from the infamous Buy Now, Blog Later, rock them so well. 

Thanks for reading! 

Where were you?

So I know what you guys are thinking...

Well, I only have one response!

Being #carefolo.

All song jokes aside, in reality I was celebrating graduating university. I went on a two and a half week road trip where my lovely boyfriend, friends, and I hit Boston, Orlando, and Washington DC. A speeding ticket, a trip to Disney World and Universal Studios, staying in a couple of shady motels, and many, many gallons of gas later and irreplaceable memories later....I'm back in Vancouver!

Sorry for the lapse in updating, although I prepared a buffer of posts that I could set to auto-update...I didn't like the pictures associated with them. When I post something here on my blog, I want to be proud of it and I didn't want to post anything "sub-par" just to have some filler while I was out traveling. So, I'm working hard on making up for my absence, and of course practicing my photography, so I can put up some quality posts.

Also a very Happy Father's day to my Dad!   I posted a long post for mothers day and I had a similar one to father's day, but I'll post that up later as a guy's gift guide.

Anyway, thanks for your patience! Here are a couple of choice snaps from my trip:

Thanks for your patience! And for reading ;)