Memosne: June 2012

Sugarlips ~ Long Post!

The Outfit

Accordion Color Block Skirt (Courtesy of Sugarlips Apparel), Sofft Shoes, U/O Purse, Gmarket shirt, New Look Ring and Prada Glasses
Hey there everyone! I'm really loving this outfit I'm wearing today it makes me feel really beautiful and refined. Despite the hot summer days, I wanted to look cool and ladylike so I decided to make the main color of my outfit burgundy. The top is from the Korean shopping site called Gmarket, endorsed by G. Dragon of Big Bang, but my experience there was so mixed and so few of the items that I had purchased lived up to expectations....I'm not sure if I would use that site again. As for New Look, where I got my chunky ring, I think I would use it again....but I would probably wait for a sale. The prices in euros are quite....expensive, but their sales are epic!

My cousins, sister, boyfriend and I went to the park close to their house and found a great climbing tree. I wanted to grab some outfit shots for this post of course, but what girl in their right might would pass up the opportunity to shimmy up a great climbing tree? I tried in heels first....and quickly realized that a terrible idea that was. So I shed my heels, climbed a few branches, and then felt a breeze blow up my skirt. In all honesty wearing a skirt and climbing a tree wasn't a very smart idea.

The skirt, gifted by Sugarlips, is an item of clothing quality wise that I would imagine be available for purchase at Urban Outfitters. The make is relatively high quality with the pleats all even and well spaced and the closure had both a zipper close and a covered button. I loved the beige, yellow, and navy colors on the skirt and I really thought it would be a versatile clothing item that could be worn all seasons. I've styled it in my summer version here, but I could also see this being adorable with black tights, chocolate oxfords, a beige sweater and a navy blazer. ;) Look forward to it during the winter months!

I find that the skirt moves well and is at a pretty modest length, enough so that you can feel relatively confident in wearing this to a semi-formal even or a job interview (if you spruced it up with a blazer of course).

The skirt on the website is $50 dollars and I feel like its equivalent to most skirts on Urban. I encourage you guys to check out the site for yourself here.

Here's a close up on the accessories that I wore with this outfit today. =) I kept it pretty simple with an  Agate Ring from New Look and some Prada tortoiseshell sunglasses. I love the detailing on those!! I purchased them recently and I'm so pleased with the color, design and quality. Honestly, this is probably why designer brands charge so much. ><

These shoes are actually the most well worn heels in my closet. Made by the brand, Sofft, they specialize in foot-friendly heels that are a breeze to walk in. These shoes do not hurt. I could walk around for a whole day in hilly San Franciso in these and I've received a lot of complements on these shoes. Honestly, they're beginning to get a little worn out and I really am compelled to buy a "backup" pair.

Accordion Color Block Skirt
Agate Ring
Prada Tortoiseshell Sunnies

The Skinny

I hope you guys know that I'll always be honest and genuine with you guys. I'm really excited to share with you guys that Sugarlips Apparel recently contacted me in joining their Fashion Bloggers Program. ;) You guys might have noticed the new banner on the side of the site, I hope it wasn't too distracting! =P Essentially, from my perspective, every month Sugarlips apparel sends you a clothing item of your choice and you have to review it and take photos of yourself wearing the item (a full length photo) and chat about it on your blog. In their words:

How It Works:

1.] Fill out the application form on { click here }
2.] Choose one of the banners on SUGARLIPS BLOG BANNERS and post on your blog. Please be sure it links correctly back to our website. This is how we will track traffic from your blog.
3.] Please post your look within 7-14 days of receiving your gift. Please try to take a couple different angles and at least ONE full length photo. Bloggers that take amazing photos can be eligible for the rewards mentioned below.
4.] E-mail us the link to your blog post. We have the right to post and feature any images you post featuring our clothing. If you do not agree to this, please inform us in advance. While we would love to post all of your lovely photos on our site, please remember we're not obligated to do so but we'll always give you a little lovin' on twitter or a shoutout on facebook.

The rewards for the program are mentioned on their site, but for your convenience I've copied the information down below:
1.] COVERGIRL >> If you're our chosen Facebook Covergirl that means we LOVE your photos and next month you'll receive TWO gifts from us!
2.] FRONT PAGE NEWS >> Your look is featured on the FRONT page of our website. You'll receive TWO gifts from us next month!
3.] IT GIRL STATUS >> You've posted lots of consistent awesome looks featuring Sugarlips clothing and have driven lots of traffic to our shop. You've achieved IT GIRL status and we'd love to do an interview with you and a Blogger Feature on our site. You'll also receive TWO gifts from us next month!
4.] LOCAL CELEBRITY >> You consistently post awesome outfits featuring Sugarlips clothing and we're kind of mad crushing on you. You dig us, we dig you. We're going to invite you to our headquarters where you'll get to STYLE and be FEATURED in an editorial. Hooray! – Only applies to Los Angeles/Southern California residents.
There is also a section about referrals, you guys can join this Fashion Bloggers Program too! If you like you can tell them that I sent you too. >< Only if you want!! 
Refer as many friends as you would like for our Blogger Affiliate Program. For every 20 bloggers you refer and we accept into the program you'll receive an extra gift the following month!

The Review

Honestly, I've received emails like this before, and being super afraid of scams, I've always checked out the website and company intensively before committing to such agreements. When I checked out the Sugarlips site, the name had already sounded a bit sketchy to me, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that I really liked most of the clothes that were offered on their site. I chose three items and within a week or so I received the package with my cute little skirt in it. Quick, speedy, and I didn't want to let them down. Maybe this will give me the motivation to actually get my backlogged posts written and out! =P Oh dear.....anyway. Thanks for coming and thanks for reading!


Brain Drain

The summer is supposed to be relaxing, right? So far I've been making the most of it by enjoying some time with family, boyfriend, and pursuing hobbies. Finally I've gotten the opportunity to dip my hands in to cosplay. For those of your that don't know cosplay, it's essentially when an individual takes a character from a show, cartoon, or video game and "dresses-up" as them. So far, I've chosen two....but you'll have to wait and see for the official pictures. =P My sister, boyfriend and I are going to participate in Anime Expo down in LA so I'm quite excited! I'm under the sewing guidance of my sister, a cosplayer of six years, who will honestly probably end up doing most of the work, but I will really try and do my best!

However, in terms of pop-culture, television and music, my life has been consumed by two things. Kimbra and RuPaul. She's released her new single awhile ago and I haven't stopped listening to it since. My love for Kimbra runs deep and you guys might remember my post about loving her forever a couple of months ago. You know, just recorded forever on the internet here!

As for Rupaul, I've just been watching RupPaul's Drag Race obsessively. I've finished the first four seasons and now I'm looking forward to RuPaul's Drag U. Honestly, I think the drag queens on that show, most especially RuPaul herself, are so sassy and lovely and...and...can WORK IT. Out of all the queens though Latrice Royale, Raja, and Manila Luzon are my favourites. You guys can get addicted to the drag by clicking the link below. =) I won't share any spoilers though. :X

What are you guys doing for your summer? Thanks for reading!


Peppermint Patty

Talula Tank Top, Zara Basic Jeans, and Cole Haan Air Morgan Ballet Flats 
Hello, my name is Justine and I'm a mint green addict.

I've always adored mint green, because unlike it's siblings and cousins that make the yellow tones in my skin pronounced and make me more jaundiced, mint is a wonderful pastel color perfect for the Spring and Summer months. Since there's been a mint green boom lately in fashion, I've been lucky to benefit from the oodles and oodles of mint green items coming out from almost every brand. I'm not sure if you could tell from the photo, but I've temporarily relocated to Northern California from Vancouver. Good timing too! My friends back home have been telling me that its been very cold and rainy...and so far a sunless summer! =( As much as I tolerate Vancouver's rains, I much prefer the California sun.

It's so hot here in Northern California that I actually don't need a sweater, but once the sun goes down I find it best to always have a little sweater insurance on the side. The top that I'm wearing came from an Aritzia store wide sale and luckily enough I got the top for $30 dollars. Not really much of a deal I guess, but Aritzia's normal retail prices are just too exorbitant for me to justify buying. You can see I'm clutching feverishly in my hand my newest Chanel purchase: Rouge Allure Extrait De Gloss in Insolent. I think I'm going to have a separate post on that entirely, but I think it's the perfect summer color and I've gotten more compliments on it than any other lipcolor that I own. =)

As for the earrings, my mother and sister bought these beautiful earrings made from origami paper. This pair happens to belong to my sister, but I borrowed them today, and they are the cutest most delicate little paper cherry blossoms I've ever seen. The paper is lacquered so you don't have to worry about tears, discoloration or moisture. However, I don't think it's the best idea to shower with them or submerge them in water.

Finally, I love these salmon pink suede slippers. Unfortunately, after I promised myself I wouldn't buy anything but staples for my wardrobe, I then proceeded to splurge on these. HOWEVER, I do have a good reason... my feet are developing bunions, because of my love of heels, and I hardly have any flat shoes. Cole Haan is known for their incorporation of Nike Air Technology into their shoes and as a result these flats are some of the most comfortable shoes I own. Salmon and hot pink do seem most appropriate colors to wear in the Spring, but I have a feeling I'll be rocking them during the Summer, Fall, and Winter months too. Although....buying suede shoes and living in Vancouver where there hasn't been sun for over a month....may not be the best idea. =___=

Now to explain this last picture. I had originally wanted the mint green pants from Rag and Bone, but those were $176 dollars, so when I found a almost duplicate at Zara for $50 I was rather pleased. I bought the Zara mint jeans up and upon first wear the zipper on my right side completely broke! At the time I was really quite annoyed about it, I feel $50 dollars put towards anything of material value should at least stand up to one wear, but apparently not. I think I have to take it to the tailor and have them replace the zipper. =___=

Anyway, thanks for reading!

Zara Mint Green Jeans
Cole Haan Flats


Furusato Sushi ~ Honolulu

Every time we go to Hawaii, my family and I always go to Furusato Sushi in search of late night eats, pre-departure meals, and bento boxes for the beach. From when I was a child until now, the decor, staff, and style of Furusato Sushi hasn't changed much. One this is for sure thought, they do have a bunch of loyalist visitors from all around the world. During this most recent trip while I was waiting in the characteristic line that's generated in front of Furusato, I met a couple from Australia's Gold Coast who said that Furusato Sushi is always their first stop whenever they land in Hawaii. >< Us too! It's a pretty innocuous sushi restaurant nestled right next to an ABC store and housed within the Hyatt towers, but you'll find a line out the door almost every night.

One thing you'll notice immediately upon walking in, is that Furusato is small and that there are only about two to three waiters busing a sushi bar area and the main floor. This is a pretty general estimate, but they probably only have about eight tables that can sit four people in the main dining area. As a result of the good food and the tiny dining area, there are often 10-15 minute waits to be seated. However, I assure you it is totally worth it.

The waiters are friendly,efficient and you'll be able to recognize them quickly because they're all wearing black slacks and blue polo shirts. ;) They'll immediately offer you something to drink, tea, water or beer, and be back to take your order pretty quickly. The space is definitely learning towards the clean and efficient side of restauranteering and the decor of the restaurant leans on the minimalistic simple side. There won't be any ostentatious flags, decorative screens, or sake bottles lying around, but instead no-nonsense black chairs and tables with a efficient and streamlined sushi bar.

The menu is actually pretty simple as well, they have some larger dishes for sharing, more complex sushi rolls, and basic "don" or rice bowl items (my father's favourite has always been the Aloha Don). Despite the relatively simple menu you'll fine all the dishes executed to perfection. Yfor mou'll have a hard time finding simple, cost efficient, casual sushi that's fresher the Furusato's dishes. I highly recommend this little store. <3 It's a well loved and frequently visited sushi joint by my family and I'd love to share it with you guys. =)

Onto the meal!


That's my derp model face. I HOPE YOU LIKE IT. I'm putting all my feelings and sincerity into it. In fact, I wore it all the way to Hawaii. My father found a airline deal and my mother, father and I took another trip to Hawaii in May. The real reason why I like this photo so much is because my skin actually appears to be ok. Not perfect, but it's a start. =)

This is the beach that I've been going to ever since I was small. However, I'm a little sheepish just wandering around in my swimsuit, my mom didn't allow me to wear bikini's until last year, especially with my marshmallow white belly and my insecurities. Instead I wandered the beach with my mom and dad in an outfit almost entirely from Urban Outfitters.

As you guys can probably see, I'm wearing a cream spandex top with some high waisted shorts....all from Urban. Honestly, the top was pretty expensive at around twenty something dollars and the shorts alone were $48 it's like sixty something dollars for a pretty simple outfit. If you're curious you can find the shorts here!

The fit of the top is definitely very snug and my only complaint is that they only seem to have in between sizes...for example: small/medium and medium/large. As for the shorts, Urban has some amazing color options...unfortunately black was the only color in my size, but I've truly fallen in love with the navy and the maroon colors. <3 I wear a Urban size 0 and the fit is tight and I'm paranoid of the high waisted shorts riding all the way up to my bum...Lady Gaga style.

Courtesy of
The two, a size up, was just a bit too loose. I would have gotten the larger size, but I feel that doesn't take into account the fitted nature of the short and I just wanted these high waisted shorts to look and feel ok. I think it's my own paranoia that's thinking of the crotch riding up-ness.

The background that my family and I are obsessing over is the Diamond Head Peak. It's a volcanic outcropping on Oahu that people can hike up and tourists can obsess over. If you buy keychains, postcards, or souvenirs they'll probably depict Diamond Head. I've never hiked up Diamond Head, because my mom doesn't like hiking and my dad is too busy obsessing over the food, but I want to! Haha, thanks for reading <3


Suika ~ Vancouver

Hello world. I swear. I will keep coming back. One day I'll have things under control. =) I always think blogging is going to get easier, but it never seems to. I always seem to be out doing stuff instead of writing. =P Which isn't so bad. 

I've sort of been doing some thinking in terms of refining my restaurant blogs. I want to post all my initial reactions here in full glory on my main blog, but for the times I revisit restaurants or just want to take some cute pictures of food...those will go on my tumblr. Which you can find here! At the moment a mosaic of Disney photos, Sailor Moon gifs and some aesthetically pleasing fashion shots are making their home there, but I think soon my little tumblr will be unified through just pure food shots. =) Onto the actual post!

Let's just say Japanese Izakaya style dining is very, very popular in Vancouver right now. There are a slew of izakaya styled restaurants that have opened downtown, down Robson, and across Richmond. One of the many izakayas that have sprung up across Vancouver is Suika Izakaya located on West Broadway.

I can finally put my Asian Area Studies Degree into use here. =P *Ahem* Traditionally an izakaya is defined as a Japanese drinking establishment that serves food that pairs well with the drinks. In fact, an izakaya is probably more primarily known as a casual bar or drinking spot for people to relax "after work." The izakayas I've been to in Japan are very casual, have large picture menus to simplify the dining experience and are very loud and boisterous. Izakaya dining is a bit like "family style" dining, except for the fact that most of the dishes aren't really hearty entrees, but more like light "finger food." The Vancouver izakaya's carry on the izakaya culture that originated in Japan, however unlike Japan, North Americna Izakaya's focus much more on the food and the dining experience than the drinking and socializing side focused on in Japan.

What distinguishes the many izakaya restaurants is not necessarily the cuisine, which all falls within the realm of "Japanese tapas", but instead in their presentation and approach to the foods and their decor. For Suika Snack Bar their cuisine, aesthetic, and general ambiance are solidly whimsical. From their lovely sake bottle chandelier, to their doraemon menus, to their bowls and plates, everything is very eclectic and adorable. The staff was mainly Japanese and my friend and I were seated quickly and efficiently. There wan't a long wait when we went there, but I'm told that it would be wise to make reservations for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. 

The entire aesthetic of the restaurant is a mix of dark colors, hard surfaces, and whimsical decorations. There is ample room for diners and table seating extends all the way until the back of the restaurant. From what I remember the floor and the walls are made of textured cement and the ambiance was that of an "authentic" izakaya bar: boisterous and lively.

Onto the meal!