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Brain Drain

The summer is supposed to be relaxing, right? So far I've been making the most of it by enjoying some time with family, boyfriend, and pursuing hobbies. Finally I've gotten the opportunity to dip my hands in to cosplay. For those of your that don't know cosplay, it's essentially when an individual takes a character from a show, cartoon, or video game and "dresses-up" as them. So far, I've chosen two....but you'll have to wait and see for the official pictures. =P My sister, boyfriend and I are going to participate in Anime Expo down in LA so I'm quite excited! I'm under the sewing guidance of my sister, a cosplayer of six years, who will honestly probably end up doing most of the work, but I will really try and do my best!

However, in terms of pop-culture, television and music, my life has been consumed by two things. Kimbra and RuPaul. She's released her new single awhile ago and I haven't stopped listening to it since. My love for Kimbra runs deep and you guys might remember my post about loving her forever a couple of months ago. You know, just recorded forever on the internet here!

As for Rupaul, I've just been watching RupPaul's Drag Race obsessively. I've finished the first four seasons and now I'm looking forward to RuPaul's Drag U. Honestly, I think the drag queens on that show, most especially RuPaul herself, are so sassy and lovely and...and...can WORK IT. Out of all the queens though Latrice Royale, Raja, and Manila Luzon are my favourites. You guys can get addicted to the drag by clicking the link below. =) I won't share any spoilers though. :X

What are you guys doing for your summer? Thanks for reading!


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