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Peppermint Patty

Talula Tank Top, Zara Basic Jeans, and Cole Haan Air Morgan Ballet Flats 
Hello, my name is Justine and I'm a mint green addict.

I've always adored mint green, because unlike it's siblings and cousins that make the yellow tones in my skin pronounced and make me more jaundiced, mint is a wonderful pastel color perfect for the Spring and Summer months. Since there's been a mint green boom lately in fashion, I've been lucky to benefit from the oodles and oodles of mint green items coming out from almost every brand. I'm not sure if you could tell from the photo, but I've temporarily relocated to Northern California from Vancouver. Good timing too! My friends back home have been telling me that its been very cold and rainy...and so far a sunless summer! =( As much as I tolerate Vancouver's rains, I much prefer the California sun.

It's so hot here in Northern California that I actually don't need a sweater, but once the sun goes down I find it best to always have a little sweater insurance on the side. The top that I'm wearing came from an Aritzia store wide sale and luckily enough I got the top for $30 dollars. Not really much of a deal I guess, but Aritzia's normal retail prices are just too exorbitant for me to justify buying. You can see I'm clutching feverishly in my hand my newest Chanel purchase: Rouge Allure Extrait De Gloss in Insolent. I think I'm going to have a separate post on that entirely, but I think it's the perfect summer color and I've gotten more compliments on it than any other lipcolor that I own. =)

As for the earrings, my mother and sister bought these beautiful earrings made from origami paper. This pair happens to belong to my sister, but I borrowed them today, and they are the cutest most delicate little paper cherry blossoms I've ever seen. The paper is lacquered so you don't have to worry about tears, discoloration or moisture. However, I don't think it's the best idea to shower with them or submerge them in water.

Finally, I love these salmon pink suede slippers. Unfortunately, after I promised myself I wouldn't buy anything but staples for my wardrobe, I then proceeded to splurge on these. HOWEVER, I do have a good reason... my feet are developing bunions, because of my love of heels, and I hardly have any flat shoes. Cole Haan is known for their incorporation of Nike Air Technology into their shoes and as a result these flats are some of the most comfortable shoes I own. Salmon and hot pink do seem most appropriate colors to wear in the Spring, but I have a feeling I'll be rocking them during the Summer, Fall, and Winter months too. Although....buying suede shoes and living in Vancouver where there hasn't been sun for over a month....may not be the best idea. =___=

Now to explain this last picture. I had originally wanted the mint green pants from Rag and Bone, but those were $176 dollars, so when I found a almost duplicate at Zara for $50 I was rather pleased. I bought the Zara mint jeans up and upon first wear the zipper on my right side completely broke! At the time I was really quite annoyed about it, I feel $50 dollars put towards anything of material value should at least stand up to one wear, but apparently not. I think I have to take it to the tailor and have them replace the zipper. =___=

Anyway, thanks for reading!

Zara Mint Green Jeans
Cole Haan Flats



  1. I really like the addition of putting those links on there! Great outfit, I think I may get a pair of those flats myself :).