Memosne: October 2013

October Wantlist

When you're on your own and no longer under the financial auspices of your have to practice the general idea of "budgeting." Obviously I don't have the funds for such indulgences right now, but I've always been content with window shopping. Here is my list of things that I covet more than a normal. I must admit, it's quite shoe heavy.

Let's start from the top left corner and go clockwise, shall we? A tour of materialism!
  1. Netta Boots: Kate Spade: I think these are the perfect fall boots. I'm having a love affair with black and gold (as you can probably see from my other choices), and I think that the black suede and the gold sole looks very chic. The overall color combo makes the book wearable with a gamut of fall outfits and the gold keeps things interesting. The bow at the back is also adorable. 
  2. Ivy Captoe Shoe: Rowen Footwear: Boston is absolutely covered in cobblestone so I've found out that wearing heels will be murder on your ankles. Painful, painful, murder. These flats are a great casual option to the Netta boots. With the same color combination and the additional benefit of gold hardware, it has the versatility of the black base and the added "magpie" factor from the metallic lace pattern. 
  3. Suede Ribbon Bow Loafer: Prada: A friend of mine graciously offered to use a coveted employee discount from a certain high end retail store on whatever I wanted (as a goodbye present to me). So like a responsible adult, I decided I would use the discount on a good pair of all weather boots. I needed some foot ware to tackle the infamous Bostonian winters...but instead I fell in love with these suede smoking loafers. Obviously suede is probably the absolute worst choice for snowy, wet winters and...this shoe doesn't really protect you at all...=.but it's beautiful. The bow is so simple and ladylike, but adds a level of interest to a sleek design. I didn't take up my friend on the offer, but I still find myself visiting the shop page everyday to see if it's still in stock. 
  4. Alicia Dress: BCBG: I love high low dresses, but I've yet to find one that actually suits me. I was eyeing this dress for months...but now it's all sold out. I'm dying. The cut was wonderful, the dress' hem was perfect for my height, the colors didn't accentuate the yellow of my skin...and most of all the collar wasn't too low so I didn't have to worry about flashin' some boob. I feel so much regret that I wasn't able to grab an XXS, but it's winter anyway...I'll have to keep my eye out for next season. 
  5. Animal Ears Cap:BCBG: It's no surprise to anyone that I love headgear with animal ears. I already have a bowler hat with cat ears on it and I was looking to expand my repertoire of cute hats with ears. It seems like these caps were super popular this fall and I'm hoping to snag one before they completely sell out. 
  6. Women's Tan Foster Shoes: Paul Smith: Aren't these adorable? I call them "kilt shoes", but I know that's terribly incorrect. I'm absolutely in love (I love a lot of things), but they're adorable. I love that they're menswear inspired and the double monk strap looks so clean. I can see these guys with paper bag skirts, prim trousers, and jeans! And how well will they pair with argyle socks?! So adorable. 
  7.  Discovery Kit: Lipstick Queen: After I posted my Lipstick Queen Red Sinner review, I have been converted. I want more, but at around $20 per tube, I wanna get the most bang for my buck. The Discovery Kit retails for $48 and for three high quality lipsticks from their most popular collections....I'm game! 
  8. Suede Hidden Wedge Bow Smoking Slipper: Prada: If the beautiful garnet tones of the Suede Ribbon Bow Loafer intimidate you, let me introduce you to its cousin. The simple Suede Hidden Wedge Bow Smoking Slipper, obviously the design is very similar, but its just a little more subdued. The bow lies flatter on the shoe and since its design is a sleek black, it'll literally go with everything. 
What are you guys coveting this month? 

What have I done. VIB Rouge

So recently, Sephora rolled out their new "premium" Beauty rewards level: VIB Rouge. To qualify for VIB Rouge you have to spend $1000 at Sephora within the calendar year. Now, before you slam down your gavel and judge me as frivolous and awful, I have been forcing my sister and my mother to buy their beauty regimen through my Sephora account. I justified this by saying that we could all share in the benefits offered by the VIB Rouge program. Which is true. RIGHT?! FREE SHIPPING ALL THE TIMEEEE.

According to the Sephora site VIB Rouge offers these benefits:
  • All Beauty Insider Benefits and All VIB Benefits
    • A Birthday Gift
    • Free Beauty Classes
    • Product Rewards 
    • Seasonal Promotions
    • First Dibs on New Products
    • Seasonal VIB Only Gifts
    • Advance Access to Sales
    • Private VIB Only Shopping Events 
  • Free Shipping on All Orders
  • Unlimited Access to the Beauty Studio
  • Exclusive Rouge Events
  • Special Surprise Gifts (With Purchase and Sometimes "Just Because")
  • Dedicated Concierge 

The VIB Rouge welcome kit comes with your VIB Rouge card and a exclusive shade of Bite Lipstick. The card gives you unlimited access to the Beauty Studio, an area of Sephora where you can schedule makeup lessons, new product rundowns, or a skincare analysis appointment with their in-house Beauty Gurus. As a Rouge member you have to have this card, or your VIB Card, to access the beauty studio. I doubt that if you forgot your card there would be severe repercussions, but better safe than sorry.

Bite Lipstick has a philosophy of putting only food grade materials into their lip products, because so many ladies ingest their lipsticks on the daily, shouldn't all their lip products be safe to eat? As a lip product junkie, I really appreciate that they put consumer's safety first. I'm awful with checking the ingredients on makeup, so when a company's mission statement highlights "food grade ingredients" I feel safer. Whether or not that is 100% true is another story, but every consumer should try to be informed =) Obviously VIB Rouge's exclusive color is a neutral shade of red titled, VIB Rouge. How unique! =P The packaging is the same packaging that Bite uses for all its deluxe sized products. A couple of months ago, I got Bite's Pepper Color for 100 VIB Points. Save for the color, I would say both tubes are the same.

As with all Bite lipsticks, the color is opaque and the texture is creamy. Since I just put my Lipstick Queen review up, it seemed natural to draw a parallel between the two. The two lipsticks are both true reds, moisturizing, and make your teeth look amazingly white. I would say the only outstanding difference between lipsticks is that the Bite lipstick's finish is Matte, while Lipstick Queen's Finish is "silky", somewhere between matte and glossy. For me the deciding factor between the two is probably I still feel the Bite lipstick on my lips, while Red Sinner just sinks in and leaves glorious opaque color. I guess the loophole to this conundrum is that they both have different finishes, so you can buy both only if you really want to.

Is it Worth it?

Now, I'll be honest. I'm not very beauty savvy. I like makeup and I like looking chic and put together, but I know my makeup habits are probably very Spartan compared to the other VIB Rouge members. As said before though, it helps that three women are using one account to purchase things, so when we wanted to buy something it was usually in one big purchase versus spaced out tiny ones.When I first heard of VIB Rouge, I didn't have a game plan of how I was going to get it (if it happened it happened) but I did have an overwhelming feeling that it would be amazing and necessary and getting it would make me feel so phenomenal and great.... essentially all the feelings Sephora's marketing team would want you to have. My heart was aflutter!

The only benefits I really see are VIB Rouge exclusive sales and the occasional gifts. However, even as a VIB I didn't feel that I was part of some secret club like Sephora wanted me to feel. I often missed the sales and I don't remember that many VIB exclusive gifts, save the present they would give to your in your birthday month.

The biggest benefit you get as beauty insider is access to the Beauty Studio. Unfortunately, there aren't any beauty studios near me, but if there was one I would still have my hesitations. One of my biggest pet peeves, and the main reason why I primarily do shopping online, is when a sales associate tries to push different or particular products on you. The Beauty Studio is a teaching area where they offer general classes, seasonal make up trend classes and personalized consultations. The personalized consultations, if you weren't a VIB Rouge member, require an appointment or a $50 to $125 dollar purchase. In defense of Sephora, their associates do not work on commission, but I prefer to do individualized research before buying a product versus listening to a sales associate I have no repertoire with. To me it seems like the Beauty Studio is another platform to push products onto you. Although, like I said before, I haven't been to one so I'm trying to keep an open mind about the subject, but that's how I feel at the moment.

Is VIB Rouge worth it? To some! To the average person? Not really. The only thing that I really value is the free shipping on every order. I'm still waiting for their "VIB gifts!"


Peek a boo! Indian Summer, I see you!

What's the number one justifiable reason for buying an over priced t-shirt?

Wearing: Club Monaco T-Shirt, AA Denim Shorts, Momo Hat
Never? Oh, my answer was when it had an image or print that you really liked. HOHO. I actually did buy this "on sale", but the price that Club Monaco had for it was still slightly higher than what I would pay for a white t shirt. Guys. Wait though. Guys. Mondays. Mon-DAZE. GET IT. IT'S SO CUTE. I also appreciate that the lettering of "Mondaze" is dyed into the fabric versus being ironed on. Usually I dislike embossed or "iron on" designs because they crack and peel. I love a faded tee, but peeling and cracking designs make a t-shirt look cheap.

While I've been cooking, setting up the apartment, and perusing the internet for job postings....this is usually my go to schlub outfit. I was told Autumn in Boston usually began around this time, but I've still been bumming around in the few summer dresses, shorts, and T-shirts I brought to Boston. I have a whole suitcase of sweaters that are crying sweater-y tears because they aren't being worn just yet.

I also purchased these American Apparel denim shorts second hand from a consignment store. They were about $15 dollars used, and they retail for $32 new, so I feel pretty good with the price I got them for. Although AA says that they're the "Stretch Twill Runner's Short," there's a label on the interior that says "American Apparel Denim." The wash on these guys also appears darker, so I'm not so sure about that either. All in all, this combo is a pretty good schlub outfit and I enjoy running about the house in it. I wouldn't have any qualms running to CVS or the supermarket in this either. 

What are your favourite "at home" outfits? 

Enjoy the gifs!

Fall Dresses

Fall is here! One of my favorite summer pieces transitions perfectly into fall: Dresses. Dresses are perfect. Casual, dressy (oh puns!), formal, and always elegant, dresses suit every season, style and occasion. I love them because you don't have to worry about mixing and matching pieces or next level layering. Dresses are a complete outfit in one garment, but you also have the added benefit of being able to embellish the whole outfit with your own touches.

I wanted to share with everyone two dresses that I've been wearing extensively to transition into the "fall weather." Here in Boston we're still enjoying the glow of Indian Summer, so I've chosen to wear these dresses without tights. If you're cold and already getting into sweater weather, I recommend stockings, tights, and a nice anorak jacket to keep you warm (we'll get into those in another post)!

One of my favorite types of dresses are those that can be worn without too much embellishment. Sometimes you just want to have a lazy day, slip something on to go out with friends, but still look casual, put-together and chic!

The Club Monaco Bea Dress does all of that and more. Within the past two weeks, this is both my most worn and go to outfit. I wear it out to parties, to job interviews, and when boyfriend and I want to go out to a nice dinner. The Bea dress is classy in all the right ways, I love the it's black and white without being boring. On the Club Monaco website the full title of the Bea Dress is the "Bea Tweed Knit Dress", although it's made from cotton, the white and black pattern on the skirt and the main body make the dress visually interesting, while the black shoulders and the built in "belt" give the dress shape and definition.

Another couple of nice touches that I like are the leather piping around the collar and the quilted texture  on the solid black sleeves and belt. Altogether the dress is visually interesting and has layers of detail that combine and make the dress a visually cohesive piece. 

Professionally, I like to wear this dress with a black, fitted blazer, pumps, and a neutral lip. This whole series of photos was taken after a job interview I went to. I wanted to keep this whole look professional and classy, without being too over powering. Here I'm wearing a Versace fitted blazer, J. Crew's Everly Suede Pumps, and a Michael Kors Bag.

Even though I'm mostly wearing black, because of the interesting pattern on the dress, the whole outfit isn't stifled in an overpowering monotone and as an added bonus you don't look like you're going to a funeral either. Instead you just look very chic. =) 

As for my second favorite dress, it's a vintage piece gifted to me by my mother. It was a bit too big for me when she first gave it to me, but since then we've had it tailored and it fits my body much better. Since its tailoring, this dress has  been upgraded to an irreplaceable piece of my wardrobe.  

The dress' brand is Georgiou Studio and is made from 100% silk. Being an addict of silk in the 21st century, I've become used to the mass produced tissue thin, fragile silks offered everywhere. The silk in this simple sheath dress is thick, hearty and luxurious. Usually with silk items you have to worry about how transparent they are and what undergarments you wear underneath them. This dress is so very thick and well made, you don't have to worry about any un-ladylike peekaboo issues!

Another huge benefit to this dress is that, even on petite framed me, it hits right above the knee. Not long enough to be unseemly, but not short enough to be inappropriate.

Whenever I saw this dress, I always was reminded of old Hollywood. Was it the timeless cut? The beautiful cream color? The aforementioned luxurious silk? Probably a combination of all three, so I knew I wanted to wear my hair up with a scarf and everything else just fell into place. 

Since the sheath dress is so classic and plain, it's a great basic to put your own spin on. I really like the cream and tan color combination, so I centered the outfit around those two basic colors.  I wore last season's Club Monaco Blazer over the dress, along with a vintage stone belt, a Coach Legacy Purse and Salvatore Ferragamo shoes that I found at a local flea market. For $25 dollars!! Holy jeeez!

It's the tiny details that make the whole outfit work together. The dark leather collar on the blazer, the delicate stitching on the Ferragamo shoes and subtle hardware on the belt. In this outfit, there's enough detail, texture and pattern to keep it interesting. I also feel that this outfit is perfect to ring in Autumn. It's common to think of red, yellow and orange tones for the fall season, but I think it's important not to forget the maroons, oxbloods, tans and browns that are also present!

Both outfits echo what I want in my wardrobe: chic, classy, versatile pieces that can be worn for any season. It just depends how you dress them up! Seeing these outfits in my closet made me excited and inspired to put together fall outfits. It's easy to fall into the pattern of jeans and tights when the weather turns colder, but I can't give up my beloved skirts and dresses.

So tell me, what are your guys' favorite fall pieces?

Lipstick Queen: Red Sinner A Review!

I'm so excited. Since I've been so homesick, one of my closest friends sent me a care package of wonderful important makeup things. As per usual, he is one of the most attentive, sensitive, amazing people ever and somehow managed to remember one of the brands that I had off handedly mentioned trying out. Lipstick Queen! He purchased the "Red Sinner" lipstick from their Sinner and Saint line. The S+S Line gives you the option of buying either a Saint lipstick, which contains 10% pigment, or a Sinner Lipstick, which contains 90% pigment, in a range of 20 colors.

After opening the beautiful packaging, for some reason it reminded me of Japanese branded cosmetics, and pulling out the bullet, you'll see that there's a little sticker warning behind the tube. It basically says don't worry if your lipstick out looks weird, due to the organic pigments and shea butter there are going to be surface irregularities.

The packaging is beautiful. The purple and the gold remind of Metropolis or Watchmen's Ozymandias, I'm probably the only one who thinks this, and it just reads sumptuous luxury. I feel very queenly during the lipstick application process, even though I'm applying it to my face like a three year old colors with crayons.

When you take the lipstick's cap off, you're greeted by Poppy King's, the founder of Lipstick Queen, little emblem in gold. It may seem silly to be this excited about a lipstick, but it does seem like they put thought into every aspect of the packaging. Another nice touch is the fact that the entire bullet is rubberized.

This lipstick is so creamy. I don't know why, but this lipstick really feels like it's nourishing my lips while I have it on. It makes my lips feel supple and nourished and, above all, it doesn't feel like there's product just "sitting" on my lips.

The lipstick is very "lightweight" for having such opaque color and that compared to other red lipsticks,  it doesn't transfer like crazy to glasses, cheeks, and other things that your lips might touch. However, I do feel that you need to wear a lipliner to prevent bleeding.

On my skin, Red Sinner reads as a bright true red. It's finish is silky, as described by Lipstick Queen themselves, and I find it to be accurate. The finish is semi-matte, with just enough natural sheen to make your lips look kissable. There's no shimmer or frost, so you won't get a disco-ball effect on your lips.

I'm pretty sure I'm an addict now. 

I've actually been looking at their site for at least five years! I first remembered discovering her website when I was in high school. I have major issues with buying things online without seeing them in person first. I feel that most of my online purchases are "tried and true" products that I've had personal experience with. This was a perfect gift for my scaredy cat self! Thank you!


  • Lightweight
  • Moisturizing
  • Amazing pigmentation
  • True red and wonderful finish
  • Staying power! 


  • Few places in my area to physically "play with" colors and shades
  • Lip products are a guilty pleasure of mine, but I can see how $20+ for a tube of lipstick would be crazy for some 
Purchase Link:

Clarisonic: Sensitive vs. Deep Pore Cleansing Brush Heads

A Mini Review: 

Happy humpday! As I wrote out this "follow up" to the longer Clarisonic review, I didn't think it qualified as a full review given its brevity. However, I thought my comparison between the two brush heads might be helpful to those that are wondering the difference between the two.

This is the sensitive brush head and it comes as the "standard brush" to most Clarisonic handles. The outer ring of bristles remains static and the center ring pulsates with the patented sonic infusion technology. The bristles are soft and probably comparable to the bristles on a "soft" toothbrush.

This is the deep pore cleansing brush head. Obviously the biggest difference between the two is the color. Bright blue! The only other slight difference that you may notice is that the inner brush head bristles are more numerous and densely packed together. Like the sensitive brush head, the outer bristles remain static and the inner bristles do all the moving. If anything, I do feel that the deep pore cleansing brush head's bristles are actually softer than the sensitive brush head. The cleanse doesn't feel any less effective though, it lathers the same amount and my skin still feels "squeaky clean" afterward.

Verdict: I used both and honestly, they cleansed the same. I was worried that the deep pore cleansing brush might be too rough or drying on my sensitive, oily skin, but my skin quality remained consistent. Even the stubborn smattering of blackheads on my nose still remained entrenched in my pores. On the whole, my skin is nicer since introducing the Clarisonic.

The two heads are the same price so I just interchange between them. When my Clarisonic Mia handle broke, I was sent two additional Sensitive Brush heads with my new charger and handle, so I still have the sensitive brush heads in rotation. I also bought a pack of Deep Pore Cleansing heads just to try out, Sephora currently has a value package deal on Clarisonic brush heads, so I have a year supply of those. It's just a brush head palooza over here. Honestly, as said before, the Clarisonic has made a huge change in my skin, but I doubt the individual brush heads, or at least in the case of deep pore vs. sensitive brush heads, make a huge difference in skin cleansing.

Has anyone had other experiences with this brush head? What about the acne brush? Tell me your thoughts!

+ Love