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Fall Dresses

Fall is here! One of my favorite summer pieces transitions perfectly into fall: Dresses. Dresses are perfect. Casual, dressy (oh puns!), formal, and always elegant, dresses suit every season, style and occasion. I love them because you don't have to worry about mixing and matching pieces or next level layering. Dresses are a complete outfit in one garment, but you also have the added benefit of being able to embellish the whole outfit with your own touches.

I wanted to share with everyone two dresses that I've been wearing extensively to transition into the "fall weather." Here in Boston we're still enjoying the glow of Indian Summer, so I've chosen to wear these dresses without tights. If you're cold and already getting into sweater weather, I recommend stockings, tights, and a nice anorak jacket to keep you warm (we'll get into those in another post)!

One of my favorite types of dresses are those that can be worn without too much embellishment. Sometimes you just want to have a lazy day, slip something on to go out with friends, but still look casual, put-together and chic!

The Club Monaco Bea Dress does all of that and more. Within the past two weeks, this is both my most worn and go to outfit. I wear it out to parties, to job interviews, and when boyfriend and I want to go out to a nice dinner. The Bea dress is classy in all the right ways, I love the it's black and white without being boring. On the Club Monaco website the full title of the Bea Dress is the "Bea Tweed Knit Dress", although it's made from cotton, the white and black pattern on the skirt and the main body make the dress visually interesting, while the black shoulders and the built in "belt" give the dress shape and definition.

Another couple of nice touches that I like are the leather piping around the collar and the quilted texture  on the solid black sleeves and belt. Altogether the dress is visually interesting and has layers of detail that combine and make the dress a visually cohesive piece. 

Professionally, I like to wear this dress with a black, fitted blazer, pumps, and a neutral lip. This whole series of photos was taken after a job interview I went to. I wanted to keep this whole look professional and classy, without being too over powering. Here I'm wearing a Versace fitted blazer, J. Crew's Everly Suede Pumps, and a Michael Kors Bag.

Even though I'm mostly wearing black, because of the interesting pattern on the dress, the whole outfit isn't stifled in an overpowering monotone and as an added bonus you don't look like you're going to a funeral either. Instead you just look very chic. =) 

As for my second favorite dress, it's a vintage piece gifted to me by my mother. It was a bit too big for me when she first gave it to me, but since then we've had it tailored and it fits my body much better. Since its tailoring, this dress has  been upgraded to an irreplaceable piece of my wardrobe.  

The dress' brand is Georgiou Studio and is made from 100% silk. Being an addict of silk in the 21st century, I've become used to the mass produced tissue thin, fragile silks offered everywhere. The silk in this simple sheath dress is thick, hearty and luxurious. Usually with silk items you have to worry about how transparent they are and what undergarments you wear underneath them. This dress is so very thick and well made, you don't have to worry about any un-ladylike peekaboo issues!

Another huge benefit to this dress is that, even on petite framed me, it hits right above the knee. Not long enough to be unseemly, but not short enough to be inappropriate.

Whenever I saw this dress, I always was reminded of old Hollywood. Was it the timeless cut? The beautiful cream color? The aforementioned luxurious silk? Probably a combination of all three, so I knew I wanted to wear my hair up with a scarf and everything else just fell into place. 

Since the sheath dress is so classic and plain, it's a great basic to put your own spin on. I really like the cream and tan color combination, so I centered the outfit around those two basic colors.  I wore last season's Club Monaco Blazer over the dress, along with a vintage stone belt, a Coach Legacy Purse and Salvatore Ferragamo shoes that I found at a local flea market. For $25 dollars!! Holy jeeez!

It's the tiny details that make the whole outfit work together. The dark leather collar on the blazer, the delicate stitching on the Ferragamo shoes and subtle hardware on the belt. In this outfit, there's enough detail, texture and pattern to keep it interesting. I also feel that this outfit is perfect to ring in Autumn. It's common to think of red, yellow and orange tones for the fall season, but I think it's important not to forget the maroons, oxbloods, tans and browns that are also present!

Both outfits echo what I want in my wardrobe: chic, classy, versatile pieces that can be worn for any season. It just depends how you dress them up! Seeing these outfits in my closet made me excited and inspired to put together fall outfits. It's easy to fall into the pattern of jeans and tights when the weather turns colder, but I can't give up my beloved skirts and dresses.

So tell me, what are your guys' favorite fall pieces?

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