Memosne: August 2012

Doop doop be doop

Vintage White Skirt, Michael Kors Blouse, Nine West Heels, Salvatore Ferragamo Clutch
I'm boring. I like color blocking and prints with this is what I wore today. =) Just super simple stuff. I inherited the skirt from my mother and I bought everything here on sale or at the duty free. 

What I absolutely love about the skirt is the simple versatility of it. It can be worn for work or casual lunch dates or even fancier real dates. The only things that really makes me paranoid about it, is its white color. I'm such a klutz that I'm really afraid that I'll drop some food or spill some fancy colored drink all over it.

The heels are from Nine West and although they have a great, sleek silhouette...they are some of the most uncomfortable pumps I've ever worn. The sole is very, very hard and it doesn't have a lot of "give". Usually, when I wear these shoes the part of me that hurts the most is probably the ball of my foot. I probably won't purchase from Nine West again. Simply because of the hard mother and my aunts had always told me never to buy from them for the exact same reason and now that I've "tried them out" I believe it.

Poor little Fa got some kidney stones now he has to wear the cone of shame. >< Haha, he's quite unhappy a the moment and we're all tempted to free him from his cone. However, we know that if we liberate him, he'll probably chew out all his a bad ass. So he'll just have to deal with it for now.

How are your pets doing? =P 


Maki ~ San Francisco

I've been heading to Maki ever since I was a little kid. I have very fond memories of the incredibly nom-nom Japanese food and the attentive service my family received there. This summer I had a chance to be in the Bay Area again and was so excited to hit up one of my family's old haunts. However, I am almost 100% certain that the ownership changed and the chef and waitresses that I was familiar with are now gone.

In this most recent California trip, I've visited Maki upwards of five can say that I'm obsessed. It also helps that my boyfriend lives quite close by to Japantown. You could say that he aids my addiction to Maki and he's probably the worst enabler I've ever met. =P Each time I've dined there, I have had an incredibly varied experience, both in terms of the service and the food. To start things off, Maki is a very, very small hole in the wall restaurant with very, very limited seating space. The interior of Maki has both bar and indoor seating that can probably seat about 18 patrons at once. While "outside" the restaurant in the main mall, they have "extra" table seating that can seat an additional 12.

In the past, I always remembered that there was always a line out the door. Now, more often than not, my sister and I have been able to walk in without any reservations and get seated immediately. It's a well known fact that at Maki, the food often takes a long time to get to your table because of the small kitchen. However, the "hangry" vibes were always alleviated by the attentiveness of the waiters and waitresses. Unfortunately, more often than not I've had lackluster service. One of the more negative experiences that I've had there was when I asked for my water to be refilled. Even though the restaurant wasn't busy or full to capacity the waitresses seemingly ignored my requests and were quite rude. Even though I had asked for water, multiple times, in the middle of our meal, by the time we had finished we still hadn't gotten our refills. I believe the third of fourth time I had asked the response I got from the waitress was "We're really busy here." There were a total of two women "waitressing" and they really didn't divide the tables very well at all.

As for the decor, Maki is really simple and clean. You can the entire restaurant in the photo above...even 1/3 of the outdoor seating. Maki is one of those restaurants where "what you see, is what you get." Lots of bright colors, including celery green and clay red, accented by lots of neutral browns and beiges. You'll also see my beautiful sister and boyfriend making an appearance in the photo above. =)

Now, onto the meal!

100th Post!!

I honestly wasn't looking at my post count and when I saw 99, I felt like I had to do something special to commemorate making it this far. Then in brainstorming what to do that was "special", I didn't update my blog for like a week. Hohoho!! Which is lame. I'm sorry.

When I started this blog, I was really nervous in putting myself out on the internet. To be honest, I wasn't really happy where I was in life and I wanted a project to commit to...something that would be interesting and fun. It has been! I just really want to thank whoever's reading or visiting my blog. I promise to continually improve the information I put out, update my blog more often, remain honest, and be true to myself. I don't know what else to say! Oh, I'm going back and trying to correct all the grammar and improve the quality of my old posts...=) That way they're not so painful to read.

Right now, I'm in Hawaii vacationing with my family. =) It's been four years since we've all had enough time to vacation together. I'm having the best time reconnecting with my sister, mom, and dad and I hope you guys are having a wonderful summer with your loved ones too.