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Melange San Francisco 2013

Warning: Picture Heavy!

I was invited by my Uncle to attend Melange's 2013 Charity Fashion Show as a VIP guest. I mean, who can say no to that? The show was genuinely interesting and had a theme of "Heaven, Purgatory, and Hell." As a VIP Guest, we were treated to an additional fashion show, down in hell, which featured some of Jean Paul Gaultier's looks and some local designers. 

I have to say, I felt very, very lucky to be a VIP because we were actually allowed near the runway. I felt sorry for those people with general tickets, because I have no idea how they saw anything. Even being let into the "VIP Area" around the runway, there was only standing room available and not enough seats for everyone. My Uncle and I were actually standing in front of the owner of Asia SF, a large contributor to the fashion show primarily known for their work with transgender women, and his if they weren't getting seats...I felt somewhat better about standing.  

I loved how there was a focus on diversity and acceptance. The models were all shapes and sizes and you were able to see cis-women and men stomping the runway with trans-women and men and gender artists. They were all fierce and beautiful. 

However, there was definitely some confusion in differentiating each designers work. Each show had a consistent theme running through them, but with the constant stream of outfits, dancing and singing I wasn't sure which outfit design belonged to which designer. I did my best with the photos, but if they are misattributed my apologies!

As per usual. My photos are awful, but please enjoy.
Thank you to Melange for a fun night and a very, very big thank you to my Uncle for the invitation! =) 

To get to the VIP Fashion show you had to pass through purgatory, where scantily clad women and men would scream for you to help them. The VIP show was just actually standing room only in a dark room with sticky liquids all over the floor. I'm assuming spilled drinks, but I'm hoping for the best. 

The show started immediately and showed Jean Paul Gaultier's designs first.

Each designer's collection was separated by modern dance routines that were choreographed to screams and rock and roll.

The show was long and I had some difficulty discerning the transitions from each designer, but generally it was fun. My feet definitely hurt by the end though! =P 

As an introduction to the entire show, the MC's essentially read the summary off of their event page, so I'll just add my photos to augment the descriptions. =)

Guests have traveled from Croatia, Australia, Brazil and more to attend this annual event in San Francisco, and this year’s party will take place on October 19, 2013 at Temple SF. A dazzling blend of fashion, dance, music and theatre, Mélange is an international celebration of diversity in San Francisco. ... 

In partnership with the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), this extravaganza only happens once a year and is not to be missed by any arts or fashion enthusiast!

For each ticket purchased for Mélange 2013, a meal will be provided through Nourish the Children (NTC), an initiative by Nu Skin. Nu Skin’s Nourish the Children (NTC) Initiative recently surpassed 300 million donated meals.

Three Jean Paul Gaultier looks will be featured on the catwalk of Mélange 2013; Guila Kessous, Jean Paul Gaultier’s Creative Director and Board Member for Mélange, will be flying from Paris to attend Mélange 2013. These looks by Jean Paul Gaultier will be featured alongside local Bay Area designers, such as Topher Adam, international designers, including Varignia Garcia from Peru, and celebrity designers, such as Punk Kouture, who designed for Nicki Minaj and Mick Jagger. Official partners for Mélange 2013 include 7x7 Magazine and the historic AsiaSF. 

We will also be showcasing the world premiere of the new hand bag of the famous French luxury brand Le Tanneur; this hand bag, designed by Guila Kessous, was presented to Michelle Obama as a gift from the first lady of France during her visit to the country. Luxury haute couture brand Eric Tibusch, famous French designer of Alain Delon, will also be showcasing two looks on the runway – each look valued over $20,000. These couture looks will be modeled by the famous Aurelia Khazan, who is flying from France to attend this event.

By uniting such diverse partners ranging from fashion pioneers (Jean Paul Gaultier) to San Francisco’s famous transgender bar (AsiaSF) to international organizations (UNESCO), Mélange 2013 is truly a San Francisco celebration of diversity!  

Click here to watch the one minute promo video of Mélange 2013:

Designers: Punk Kouture, Varignia Garcia Araujo, Topher Adam, Jennita Itthi-angku, ATUSSA Couture, Charmosa Swimwear, Chona Pike,  Jewelry by Diana, and more!

Thanks for reading. =)

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