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J. Crew's Everly Suede Pumps: A Review

If you're on J. Crew's mailing list, they've been especially eager in pushing their new Italian shoe line onto their readers. I've been eyeing these shoes for a while, and I already included them in a previous post, so I thought I'd share my feelings on the quality and wear of J. Crew's Everly Pump.

The Everly pump itself comes in a variety of colors and materials including, satin, leather "snakeskin", metallic leather, and suede, while the range of colors spans from black to cobalt blue, to a shiny silver. 

For me, I was in love with the suede material at first sight, but I was caught between the cobalt blue and the soot black. However, in the mind of versatility and classiness, I chose the black. 

Taken directly from the J. Crew website here are some facts about the Everly: 

Edgy and refined at once, our essential Everly pump is a wardrobe workhorse—and a collector's dream. Crafted in Italy (where the best shoes are made) of sumptuous suede and with an eternally vogue pointed toe, it adds a dash of sass to any ensemble. In a slew of have-to-have colors—we see no need to settle on just one.
  • Narrow across toe; those with wider feet may want to size up.
  • Suede upper.
  • Leather lining and sole.
  • 3 1/2" heel.
  • Made in Italy.

The dimensions are all true and I found them to be quite comfortable after I broke them in. I can wear these guys standing for around 6 hours straight. However, I was a cashier at my old job, so I didn't do a lot of moving around...and these shoes aren't the type of shoes that you would choose to wear to Disneyland or anything like that. For what they are, an elegant pair of 3 inch heels, they're very comfortable! 

As recommended by the J. Crew site, I sized up, from a 7 to a 7.5, because my feet are wider than what would be considered normal. I'm so happy I decided to do that because my mutant feet are actually quite happy, and comfortable, in the 7.5s. 

The shoe is wearing quite well and "molding itself" to my foot quite nicely. The smooth leather sole is gaining more traction and texture with the more I use it, and I haven't had any slipping incidents so far, so I'm quite happy about that. 

The only downside I would say is the price: $245 dollars is quite steep for a pair of basic shoes, but I used my student ID in J. Crew to get 15% off my total purchase. That and J. Crew always offers in store and online discounts that make the price of their items more palatable. However, the student discount only works in store, where you have to physically show them your student ID, but always check to see what sort of deals they have online. 

I hope you found the information helpful! 

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