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Where were you?

So I know what you guys are thinking...

Well, I only have one response!

Being #carefolo.

All song jokes aside, in reality I was celebrating graduating university. I went on a two and a half week road trip where my lovely boyfriend, friends, and I hit Boston, Orlando, and Washington DC. A speeding ticket, a trip to Disney World and Universal Studios, staying in a couple of shady motels, and many, many gallons of gas later and irreplaceable memories later....I'm back in Vancouver!

Sorry for the lapse in updating, although I prepared a buffer of posts that I could set to auto-update...I didn't like the pictures associated with them. When I post something here on my blog, I want to be proud of it and I didn't want to post anything "sub-par" just to have some filler while I was out traveling. So, I'm working hard on making up for my absence, and of course practicing my photography, so I can put up some quality posts.

Also a very Happy Father's day to my Dad!   I posted a long post for mothers day and I had a similar one to father's day, but I'll post that up later as a guy's gift guide.

Anyway, thanks for your patience! Here are a couple of choice snaps from my trip:

Thanks for your patience! And for reading ;)

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