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Taking it to the MAX-i...dress....

Wearing: Club Monaco Cooper Dress, Prada Cat Eye Sunglasses, Club Monaco Cardigan, Sam Edelman Shoes, Coach Purse 
For petite girls I think Maxi dresses are an especially difficult item to find and incorporate into one's wardrobe. Simply because maxi dresses are usually just as tall as me! However, when I saw this dress from Club Monaco, I knew I had to have it. Last summer they released this same dress in both black and navy, but the Cooper dress sold out while I was being indecisive.

Unfortunately, I purchased this one full price, but a couple of months later, while there were still plenty of them, they all went on sale. From full price to $99 and then an additional 20% off. OUCH. MY WALLET. The only thing I can do to console my soul, or weep even more about dry cleaning bills, is the fact that its 100% silk. Club Monaco currently have two models of the Cooper Dress Available in Colbalt and in a pattern for $269 which you guys can view: here!

My mantra has always been simple with details of interest! Although the dress is very simple with it's design and rounded neck, it has a cute little bow, keyhole at the back! The Cooper Dress also has little straps at the shoulders that allow you to snap your bra into place, just so you won't have any embarrassing strap issues.

The length of the dress is great for me at 5'3, although I am pushing it, I can get away with flats and heels. However, I did have the dress tailored to adjust the width. Even though the length was great for me, when the bow was tied at the back it was clear the dress was a bit big on my petite frame.

Finally, I paired the outfit with my Sam Edelman sandals that I purchased after seeing Laura, from the infamous Buy Now, Blog Later, rock them so well. 

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  1. Love the sandals! :)

  2. @Jo-Ann Thank you so much! I love them too! =)