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Bunnies/Aritzia Cherry Popped!

Wearing: Hibou Boots, Michael Kors Bag, Zara Jacket, Aritzia/Wilfred Free T-shirt Dress, NET scarf, Momo hat
Aritzia! It's definitely the most popular brand in Vancouver and I see girls wearing clothing from here everywhere. Which makes sense, because not only was Aritzia started her locally in Vancouver, as the Hills of Kerrisdale, but it has quickly grown to have locations all across North America. I've avoided buying from them for a long time, given the saturation and the expensive price point, but I've finally succumbed to the Aritzia fever after five years. 

Derp Face
I can see why people like to buy from them! Their clothes are trendy, form fitting, and flattering. The price range is actually more affordable than I previously thought, although the quality on some of the items is questionable, I can see myself buying from them more in the future.

As for my first purchase from them, a darker grey t-shirt dress, is one of those things that can be dressed up or down, but always a chic casual. Just to add some character to the outfit, I put on my little rabbit hat.

However, I must say, because of the super clingy fabric I would definitely suggest wearing the correct underwear. I'm an old lady, I still blush when I go to the lingerie store and try to get some thongs. I mean the very last time I was at Victoria's Secret, I was working up my courage to buy some thongs and some little, peppy, twelve year old girls pushed passed me and just started grabbing a bunch. However, if you like grandma panties like me beware the awkward panty-line now and then. I swear I'm not that chunky though. =) 

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