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Dior Addict Extreme Lipstick: Spring Ball Extreme Review

Edit (6/25): Looking back I realize the swatch I put up was less than satisfactory, so I included a couple more pictures to show what the "true" color was. Sorry about the inconvenience! 

I now understand the importance of the timeliness of reviews. Haha, seeing as Dior Summer "Bird of Paradise" collection has come out...I'm not sure if you'll be able to get your hands on this beautiful pink anymore. I hate this "limited edition" make up nonsense! The second that anyone slaps limited edition on anything, and I like it, I must say, I feel pressured to buy it. I know it's absolutely psychological, and a brilliant ploy by marketing, but the fact that I may not ever be able to get a color that I like ever again...GEE, I SHOULD BUY IT RIGHT NOW.

Color 343 Dior Spring Ball Extreme
It was with the Spring 2013 collection that Dior reformulated their Dior Addict Lip glosses and released several limited edition colors in both their lip gloss and lip stick collections. I believe that some of the reformulated colors would be added permanently to the Dior line, but the lipsticks with "extreme" tagged onto the back of their names are limited edition.The only color that really drew me in was "Dior Spring Ball Extreme."  Retailing for $31 this lipstick definitely leans towards the more expensive side of the spectrum.

It's a neutral toned, natural pink that has quickly turned into my "wear every-day" lipstick. It's simple and easy to wear with neutral or dramatic eyes. The pink is very innocent and girly and I feel that if you want to be a grown up vixen or enchanting seductress  you wouldn't pick this color. However, I must say that this is the first pink to work really well with my particular skin tone. Other pinks I've bought and tried either make me look too washed out or are simply unflattering.

The formula goes on smoothly and is very moisturizing. Even though Spring Ball Extreme is a light pink, the color opacity is quite good. It's a low maintenance lipstick. One application and I think you're set for a couple of hours or at least until you eat. I've worked in retail for a while now and I've done several five hour shifts with one application of lipstick, with no need for touch ups!

If this weren't limited edition I'd definitely buy it again, but for now I'd like to try more of the Dior Addict Extreme lipstick colors. I'm beginning to be more and more of a fan of their lipstick formulation.

Updated Swatches:

- Long Wearing
- Moisturizing
- Nice pink for my skin tone!

-Limited Edition