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Pink Elephant

The weather is so muggy lately! I'm looking forward to the sunny, warm, clear skied Vancouver summer. I want to explore the city a little bit more. Lots of eats, lots of clothes, and lots of adventures. I'm such a bum adventurer...thwarted so easily by rain!

Although I generally suffer from "can't dress myself for winter-itus", I have a deep set love for sweaters and crazy knits. This sweater is quickly becoming my favorite amongst my, admittedly tiny, collection of sweaters. I got this particular sweater quite recently, when my mother and I were exploring Taiwan together. It's enormous and pink, with lovely offset dolman sleeves...I could definitely get lost within this sweater.

I raided my mum's closet and made away with this vintage Chanel chain belt. I'm in love with it! I feel like I'll be wearing it a lot more, no matter what season. 

Thanks for coming~


  1. I love this outfit, especially those shoes and the classic Justine Hat. The sweater doesn't really look very pink though...

  2. Haha, thank you! The sweater is actually quite pale, a pastel pink!