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Burgoo W. 10th

Interior of Burgoo Restaurant

When I lived on campus I loved going to Burgoo. It was delicious food and only a short bus ride away from campus. Upon entering Burgoo, you're surrounded with a rustic interior, dark unfinished wood, and antique travel posters. Ever since I've left for Taiwan I've been looking forward to coming home and ordering one of their soup and sandwich combinations.

Burgoo Menu

On this rainy, cold Vancouver day I thought it was the most appropriate time to introduce Burgoo to my mom. Going over to their West 10th branch, my regular haunt, we were actually greeted with pretty slow service. The waiters and waitresses weren't especially friendly, and seated us at our table for two with indifference. Our waitress took awhile to even greet us, and our water was even slower to come. However, even the cold service couldn't phase me. I loved Burgoo and I was looking forward to sinking my teeth into one of their delicious sandwiches. Eating one of their sandwiches is NOT a task to do when you're on a date with someone that you want to impress. Their sandwiches are massive, and unless you have a huge mouth, it's difficult to eat any of their sandwiches with finesse.

Burgoo Soup and Sandwich Combination: Butternut Squash Soup and the Tasty Chicken Sandwich

Burgoo Soup and Sandwich Combination: Straight Up Tomato Soup and the Ham and Brie Sandwich

My mother ordered the Butternut Squash soup and the "Tasty Chicken" Sandwich (cucumber, apple, salad greens, and chicken breast), while I ordered the Straight Up Tomato Soup and the Ham and Brie sandwich. And to be completely honest with you? Both were extremely disappointing.

Burgoo Ham and Brie Sandwich

My sandwich was a cheap, terrible sandwich. The brie was hard (not the delicious gooey kind), they left the rind on, the tomatoes and salad were tasteless, and the ham didn't have much taste either.

I love tomato soups, and this was an ok tomato soup. Burgoo's straight up tomato soup is a very tangy, sour Tomato soup. The consistency is not especially thick, but the tomato "pulp" and the liquid of the soup separated quite easily. You can also see the grotesque bubble on top. I understand that the Burgoo kitchen staff drizzled some olive oil on top of the soup as a finisher, but even after I had eaten that, there was a thin, watery layer of liquid on top of the tomato soup.

I can't speak for my mother, but she also seemed very disappointed in her sandwich, and had extreme difficulty trying to fit it into her mouth. (Insert that's what she said joke here)

Burgoo Soup and Sandwich Combination: Butternut Squash Soup and the Tasty Chicken Sandwich

Burgoo Tasty Chicken Sandwich

While my mother loved the butternut squash soup from Mistral, this butternut squash soup was the anti-thesis of that. It was overly sweet and completely one dimensional in flavor. I was just extremely disappointed. AND our breath smelled TERRIBLE afterwards. 

I talked to one of the regulars and was told that the senior chefs had moved to their Main Street branch, so that could explain the loss in quality. 

I'm willing to give Burgoo another chance, but new patrons beware! 

Our soup and salad combos were $12 dollars each. 

Thanks for coming!
Kid Friendly: Yes
Price: $$$ out of $$$$$
Repeatability: Maybe 


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