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Outfit of the Day Including H&M, BCBG

I like this outfit quite a bit to be honest. =) To me it's simple and striking, and something that I do regularly wear out. =) I bought my sweater dress from an H&M in Hong Kong. As everyone was wading through the t-shirts, summer dresses, and shorts, I was digging through the Wintry sales collection. Everyone thought I was crazy then, but I think wearing the sweater in the winter makes it worth it.

The headband is a little more recent from a BCBG sale. I think it was originally marked for $23 dollars? I got it for around $11? Something like that. I love BCBG, I'm jealous that the states has a student ambassador program. Maybe I'll get off my butt do something about it. One day...where do I even start?

Outfit of the Day: H&M and BCBG
Filters, Filters, everywhere! 

I still feel a little stupid posing. I'm sure you can tell.

Outfit of the Day: H&M and BCBG

Outfit of the Day: H&M and BCBG

How do you feel about photoshop filters?

My mother and I are trying some new restaurants for Dine Out Vancouver 2011. We're headed to a French Bistro named Mistral. I'll post a review of that later. As for now, tell me what you think. ;)

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