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Caramel Camel

This is my first real outfit post, and I'm sort of embarrassed about it. I think everyone feels a little bit awkward the first time they're posing. 

Urban Outfitters, Vintage Outfit of the Day Fashion
Urban Outfitters Urban Renewal Dress, Uniqlo Tights, Candish Shoes, Saburoku Natural Cardigan, Vintage Belt

Urban Outfitters Vintage Outfit of the Day Fashion
This is a terrible grimace. Hahaha. >__<

Urban Outfitters, Vintage Fashion Outfit of the Day


  1. hellllllo!

    Just wanted to stop by and say, I like! :) Especially posing in front of the dept of financial services haha.

    add oil!

  2. @KC Hahaha, thanks! It's so rainy I have to go lame places. ::LOL::

    @niQue Actually no it's in Vancouver!