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A Review: Talbots Peggy Sandals

Warning: Ugly Foot Heavy Post 

I can't pretend anymore. I'm just an old lady. Low-heeled sandals are a must for me during the summer! As much as I love to stagger around in stilettos and hop about in heels, with all the casual walking I do it just isn't feasible. I was in the market to replace my Trina Sandals from Sam Edelman because they'd been absolutely destroyed.

Trina Sandal in Whiskey, Retails: $70
They used to look like this, but I wore them so much the leather straps were separating, the cork sole had worn away, and the gold heels were pretty badly scuffed. When Extra Petite mentioned she purchased Talbot's Peggy Sandals on her blog, I immediately went over and purchased some myself as well. I know, I know, I'm a bit of a blogger sheep. I did like the sandals and they were a slightly more "lady" version of my Sam Edelmans. They even had the same "gold accent" heel!

I purchased these during the Talbot's "Friends and Family Sale" where you could take 30% off your total purchase. At the time I believe these were full price at $119. Now they're on sale for $69.99! You can also apply eBates to your purchase to save some more money.

I got these guys in two colors to match the potential outfits that I would wear. In retrospect, it seems a little wasteful to get two colors like this, but both the colors fit into my wardrobe and I'm happy with how they look and feel.

I'm glad I got these guys on sale, I'm not sure if I would have paid full price for these. They're not poorly crafted, but I don't feel like they scream quality either. These shoes were manufactured in China, the straps are made with real leather, and they've put a light memory foam padding into the sole of the shoe. The memory foam makes the shoe comfortable. I was able to walk around New York City all day without pain, but they're not comparable to Cole Haan soles or anything.

Overall, I would highly recommend these shoes on sale. They're a good, low-heeled, comfortable sandal for the summer! They don't scream too "old lady" and I can easily incorporate the colors and styles into my current wardrobe. In addition to the two colors I bought, the Peggy Sandal also comes in Indigo Blue and Black as well.

I hope this helps!

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