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Club Monaco - Paget Silk Dress

Club Monaco is like a bad boyfriend. Every time I go, I find something in it that I love, but it just treats me horribly either in terms of service or price. It's a mixed bag really.

I always get complimented on my wardrobe pieces from Club, for good reason! They're beautifully designed, unique, and good quality. Their silhouettes and colorways are always spot on for the season and I find that their clothing fits me so well. I'm quite petite and their 00 size fits me like a glove.

Their attention to detail is phenomenal. The Paget Dress caught my eye because of its cute pattern, material, and unique pleating. I purchased this dress in a size 00 and, like I mentioned before, it fit perfectly. My sister tried on the same dress in a size 2 and it also looked phenomenal on her despite our different body shapes. She decided not to purchase hers (she's more financially responsible than I am).

That awkward moment when you're shooting your OOTD and someone asks you for an OOTD
I find that this dress can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion and I've been wearing it regularly through the Spring and the Summer. Club Monaco currently has two version of this dress for sale, one all black version and a terracotta print version. If you're looking for an effortless way to add an elegant piece to your wardrobe, this is it!

Also, to make this dress even more awesome, Lucy Liu wore it. SO THERE. YOU NEED IT NOW. YOU'RE WELCOME.

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