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Travel Tips and Outfits from Waikiki

I'm a chronic over packer. It's been one of my overarching life goals to tame the raging "Boy Scout" in me that shouts "Always be prepared!" After all, when going away for a week, one does not need a completely different ensemble for everyday. At least...the ones that pay for luggage handling costs. It's expensive to travel now! I'm sure we've all seen pictures of celebrities with trunks upon trunks of clothes and accessories all ready to be loaded onto their private jets.

Driving Up From the Seattle Airport
In all honesty, I would rather put that money somewhere else...either towards admissions to a museum, souvenirs, or possibly even....more clothes? Hahaha. Well what I want to do with you guys it to share some of my new "packing rules" for a more streamlined and efficient me. 

Oscar has been here since the first time I came to Hawaii at 4. Sorry for the petrified look as well, he just squawked really loudly!

Golden Rules!
  1. Always leave room in your suitcase just in case. Even if you swore you weren't going to buy anything this trip, who knows? The extra space will come in handy. 
  2. When packing, roll your clothes! It saves more space than folding. =) 
  3. When you start packing make sure you put your heaviest and bulkiest things on the bottom of your suitcase. That way you know how much wiggle room you have when you transfer your essential items in. 
  4. Don't be afraid to re-wear items of clothing! I re-wear my jeans often. In fact, I often bring more tops than bottoms. 
  5. Make "smart" choices, don't pack dry-clean only everything. >< You never know when life is going to have those "OOOPS STAIN" moments.
  6. Make sure to bring pragmatic toiletries. Instead of having three palettes of eye shadow, think about nail clippers, tweezers, bandaids, and Neosporin.  
  7. Pack for about half your trip! For example, if you're gone for a week, pack for about four days. I always also bring a "classy" piece that can be dressed up or dressed down. You never know when you're going out for a fancy dinner! Be prepared! (Uh oh....the boy scout me came back. =__=) 
  8. One of those important, but often forgotten rules, is to understand the luggage restrictions the airline that you're flying imposes on its passengers. 
Anyway, I'm sure these "rules" will shift and change as I gain more travel experience. You should also feel free to comment whatever packing rules or tips of your own. I'm always eager to learn from other people! I think travel should definitely be stress free. Sometimes there are factors that you can't control, i.e. delayed flights, lost luggage, fluid restrictions, baggage fees, etc. etc., but you might as well make the factors you can control stress free and easy. So start with your luggage. =D That way your perfectly packed luggage will be your island of peace in the sea of travel rage some people experience.

Nothing special, really. I think that in general I like pretty simple things. >< My style is pretty streamlined. I hope you enjoy! Thanks for reading. Happy travels!



  1. Lovely photos` n nice tips! I love Hawaii! It’s almost impossible to take a bad picture there! <3

    xoxo Hitomineko xoxo

  2. Thank you! <3 I know Hawaii is awesome!! =D

  3. I love all your outfit and your travel tip is what I do when packing. I always leave room for more space cause often times, I bring just one pair of shoes then I come home with four.

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