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Happy Chinese New Year!

Fresh Shrimp
When my family usually celebrates Chinese New Year it's a luxe affair with lots of relations and a big Chinese style banquet feast. However, this year we broke from tradition and took it easy and had a small meal at home.

Broiled mirugai/Geoduck, with water chestnuts, mushrooms, tobiko and mayonnaise

Unfortunately, my entire nuclear family wasn't all there...my little sister had to go back to university in New York and we all miss her terribly. To add insult to the missing sister injury I think my family has decided that I'm an adult now and that I no longer get "Red Packet" money. >< Oh no! I'm one step closer to graduation and bankruptcy! 

Then this was about the time my camera died. Hahaha, I need to get better about charging it. I hope everyone is just as happy ringing in the year of the dragon!

Fa Chai got all dressed up in his yellow emperor finery as well. =P Happy Chinese New Year guys! Gong Xi Fa Chai!!!!!!!

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  1. Happy Chinese New Year! And your dog is really the cutest!! :)