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Crazy Architectural Genius

Whenever I post outfit shots I’m usually at a loss at what to say…especially if I hadn’t done anything particularly exciting that day. Oh gosh, writing this blog post makes me feel waves of guilt already. Does anyone feel terrible shame if they don’t update their blogs “on schedule”? I promised myself that I would update every two days, but so far that’s failed…pretty hardcore. A friend of mine told me that I’d been slacking on my blog and proceeded to old man lecture me about it. =__=()


A the same time I can’t help it. >__< School has become so overwhelmingly frustrating with work. I decided to take a graduate business course here called “Social Entrepreneurship”, despite the fact that I'm neither a graduate student nor a business major, and its literally burying me with work. I’m looking forward to the summer time where I can dedicate myself to “fun things” (i.e things I want to do). I’m sorry. =___= It seems like this blog has turned into a whiny spot for me. BLECGH. It’ll change soon. I promise.


So instead here’s a double feature to tie you over in the meantime. =P I have a bit of an outfit post and a review of the most lovely cafe. During the time that my dad was visiting me it was still in that terrible period of hot/cold/warm/freezing/tropical rain/HOT weather that Taipei seems to love. My outfit is simple color blocked red and slate with a cutie vest. =) I love the tank top and the vest, both are such irreplaceable staples in my  wardrobe.


In the crazy yellow toned photos you might wonder, “Where is she?” Well! let me tell you. I’m in the cafe of a family friend and my dad makes a point of going to his place every single time he visits for his “燉奶咖啡“ or “Dun Nai Ka Fei.” The ambiance of this cafe is certainly very, very, very eclectic and very much like entering someone’s house instead of a cafe. In fact, you’re not even allowed to wear shoes inside the place, but you shouldn’t worry Mr. Li keeps the place meticulously clean. Although it is crowded with his extensive collection of artwork, magazines, antique china, and statues.     


However, what I find more amazing than his many collections of things is the fact the fact that he followed his dreams. Mr. Li is actually a trained architect who gave up his job to open this cafe. He’s essentially the Superman of coffee. He gets asked to speak at coffee and tea conventions and frequents coffee and tea groves…he’s an incredibly dedicated man. If you ask him to show some of his super powers to you he’ll gladly oblige. One of my favorite “tricks” he does is taking coffee grounds and simply by breathing on it, waving them it around, blocking the opening of the glass he can make the same coffee grounds have over 80 different smells. Not unpleasant smells mind you! Just different flavors of coffee. It’s quite bizarre. As an elite drink maker, he has several apprentices under him, and takes several extremes to make sure his customers get the best of the best coffee and tea around.

Mr. Li’s teas, milk tea, and coffee are all very high caliber and perfectly balanced. There’s hardly any need to add sugar, milk, or any other typical additives to your drinks. He does have some baked goods for sale specifically walnut bread and fruit bread, but in all honesty they are extremely mediocre. I asked him why he didn’t have any more edibles in his shop and he just responded that he wanted people to focus on his drinks. A true master.

Although I’ve tasted some his fruit tea’s before, my father and I are always seduced by his “燉奶咖啡“ and the best English translation of that I can give, with my limited Chinese skills, is “Coffee Milk Stew.” The reason the “stew” is thrown into the naming mix is because he boils the milk for six hours before mixing it with his coffee. He says that the long “stewing” time allows the milk to release its natural sweetness and flavor, thus relieving the drinker of having to add sugar. Let me just say. It is SOOOOOO GOOD. The taste of it is so light and delicate, sweet, and creamy. Of course the star of the show is coffee, but the drink housed in thin, blue and white china is so extremely delectable that you don’t need to add any milk or sugar.

Another secret is apparently the fineness of the foam on top. The smaller and more clustered the bubbles are the more sweet, delicious and delectable the drink is. One cup will run you about $500NT, but I have to say it is quite worth it for the love that Mr. Li puts into each cup.

Kid Friendly: No, lots of stuff and other patrons probably wouldn’t want to be disturbed
Price:$$$$ out of $$$$$
Repeatability: Yes


Anyway, thanks for coming guys and thank you for being patient!

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  1. Just a real quick one to say I passed you a One Lovely Blog Award.
    I'm in the midst of exams :(
    Hope your workload is a bit better now

  2. Remember to breathe *wink*

    Good luck!