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Sushi Chronicles 寿司清 ~ Tokyo

I love my family~<3 My dad came to visit this past week and said it was his “daddy duty” to spoil me for a bit. My dad is crazy. In the good way of course! He loves to eat and he’s become quite a restaurant critic, almost embarrassingly so, and he’s taken great pains to become "a regular” at restaurants in different cities that he’s particularly fond of.

Other stuff 079 Mom and Dad!

One of the places that we frequent quite often is a small sushi bar in Tokyo by the infamous Tsukiji Fish Market. It’s quite small and only contains a sushi “bar” and a second floor, but be forewarned…it is always jam-packed. My family and I often have to wait 10-15 minutes on the little wooden bench outside until the long stream of local regulars and patrons finish eating. Sometimes if we’re hungry and impatient we get directed politely to their second restaurant down the street. The decor of 寿司清, Sushi Sei, is very traditional with a sliding door, gridded windows, plenty of natural light, and an all pine sushi bar. The sushi chefs are amazingly amicable and they always have amazing banter with every single patron…even those who are not fluent in Japanese *cough cough* us. Although the California Roll, Dynamite Roll, and the Alaskan Roll have a soft spot in my heart….I really do love and maybe even prefer the “traditional” version of sushi.  I’m not particularly squeamish of raw things or the slightly alien creatures that the fishermen dredge out of the sea….so I have no qualms of eating them. =P

Every time I go to a sushi bar I’m always amazed at the delicacy and artistry of the sushi chefs. If I had to have an emergency operation and there were only a pirate, a dog, a sushi chef and a police man around…I’d choose the sushi chef to cut me open. ::lol:: The skill in which they wield their knives and the delicate aerobatics they use to slice sashimi, to put the nigiri or the appetizers together never cease to floor me.  Every little piece of sashimi, nigiri, the various tsumami are so beautifully presented and perfectly put together they’re like tiny little treasures on my plate. And the taste! Freshness and simplicity. Beautiful. 
My father has passed down to me the sushi rules of our family:
  1. Never Talk About the Sushi Rules
  2. Never Talk About the Sushi Rules
  3. No more jokes about Fight Club =P
  4. Don’t be afraid to try new things
  5. Make sure that these “new things” are fresh ;P
  6. Order “omakase” (chef’s choice) if you can!
  7. If there’s no set menu, try your best to eat the “lightest” fish (Ex. Flounder) first then move to the “oilier” fishes (Ex.Yellow Tail)
  8. Never EVER mix your wasabi and your soy sauce together, instead spread your desired amount of wasabi on each individual slice of fish
  9. Enjoy yourself!

Here are some photos from the meal…everything was fresh and wonderful, but to be honest when it comes to some of the sushi pieces I don’t remember what fish they are. ._. I should probably start carrying around a notebook when I eat. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy! I’ll describe my favorite pieces a little bit more. <3 If you have any questions about the other ones you can just comment and I’ll do my best to respond!
    Other stuff 078
    Zuai Kane, Raw Crab Leg

    Ranks as my family’s favorite nigiri in the world, we all literally dream about it waiting until the next time we can go to Tokyo. The meat is soft sweet and fresh. Once you taste this, you’ll be thinking of it forever. I think you can only get this in Japan…we haven’t had any particular luck in scoring this item anywhere else.

    Other stuff 080 Conch, Tsubugai

    Other stuff 082
    Akagai, Red Surf Clam

    Honestly, I’m not a shellfish sort of person (my dad is), I find sometimes when shellfish in general are not fresh the texture is too mushy and it has that "stereotypical” off putting fishy flavor. However in Japan and other lovely sushi shops around the world this is not a problem. Out of all shellfish Akagai is my favorite. It’s a beautiful red-orange color (the most red it gets is during the summer, during mating season) and has a very subtle flavor and a slightly chewy texture. 

    Other stuff 083 
    Aoyagi, Round Clam

    Other stuff 086
    Yari-Ika, Spear Squid

    Other stuff 087  
    Grilled Shrimp Heads, salty and crispy they’re filled with smoke-y flavor.

    Other stuff 088
    Kanpachi,  Japanese Yellow Tail

    Other stuff 089
    Hotategai, Scallop

    Other stuff 091  
    Awabi, Abalone

    Other stuff 092
    Nama-Tako, Fresh Octopus Legs

    Other stuff 093
    Broiled Squid with Terriyaki Sauce

    Other stuff 094
      Sayori, Needle Fish

    Definitely a subtle tasting fish. It’s very light and flavor and needs the ginger and the spring onion that it’s paired with to fully boost it’s flavor potential. It’s important to make sure this fish is fresh as it develops a terribly fishy odor pretty easily, and sushi chefs often prepare it fairly quickly to meal time.

    Other stuff 095
    Grilled Octopus Suckers, Tako No Kiuipang

    Grilled Octopus suckers, unlike squid suckers, don’t have teeth. So they’re quite tasty and lovely to eat. They’re a bit “crunchy” and have a lovely smoke-y, spicey, delicious octopus flavor. I love them when they’re grilled.

    Other stuff 097 Botan-Ebi, Spot Prawn

    Other stuff 096
    Thanks to the Wigician: Shiroi Ebi, Little White Shrimp

    Other stuff 098
    Aji, Horse Mackerel

    Other stuff 100
    Saba, Japanese Mackerel

    Other stuff 101  
    Shira Uo- Nigiri, “white fish” Nigiri
    Other stuff 084
    Nama-Kuruma Ebi, Live Tiger Prawn 

    Yes, that video from earlier was this bad boy right here. The chef explained to us that the twitches were the residual nerve endings still twitching about. Nonetheless, putting something twitching into your mouth is a bit daunting…even for me. The meat however was light, sweet, and almost creamy in texture.

    Other stuff 103
    Toro, Tuna Belly

    Other stuff 105
    Blanched Baby Squid

    That’s all folks! Thank you for coming!
    + Love

    Kid Friendly: Not really, very small and very quiet
    Price: $$$ of $$$$$
    Repeatability: Yes!

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    1. I think that "mystery fish" is Shiroi ebi, Little white shrimp

    2. I like sushi but the veggie and cooked kind, I think I'd scream if I saw my food moving before I eat it! lol I have a very weak stomach so I can't eat anything raw, everyone says its good tho :/

    3. i haven't really eaten those sushi's that you've posted but i do love the california roll. i wanna try the Broiled Squid with Terriyaki Sauce.

      why can't you joke about fight club? :) i love that book by chuck palahniuk.

    4. @Wigician Thank you! I'll edit soon.

      Fashionable Asians: =) I like veggie and cooked sushi too. ^__^ Yeah raw sushi and a weak stomach don't really mix well. >__<

      @Chyrel <3 The Broiled squid is really good! Hehe, it was a joke in reference to the sushi rules. ^__^