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Hey all! I know I haven't been around for awhile, but....Taiwanese university is really stressful. =___= After today I have literally my last group presentation so blog posts will be coming more regularly then! Thank you so much for you patience! I'll get back to commenting on "back blogs" as well. Also! Thank you so much to the wonderful Joey for awarding me the One Lovely Blog Award! <3 You can be sure that's the next post, as well as a contest~so keep your eyes open for it.

My Aunt who lives in Taiwan raved that she had to take me to this restaurant because of my "namesake." I have a weakness for French food, scavenger hunts, tasting menus, and secrets. I think this restaurant had all four. =) Even after all these weeks I still crave that cold white asparagus soup.

The ambiance of the restaurant was nice and clean, with a very "California Bistro Feel." The designer of the restaurant incorporated lots of white and ambient lighting. The restaurant space itself was relatively small, but it held about 6-7 tables that could hold 4 patrons each.

Although I don't drink wine myself, my dad was pleased with the wine selection and the wait staff was very cordial and detail oriented. They had just informed us that the head chef revamped the "menu style" of the restaurant.

Originally, like most restaurants, they had a menu where they listed out what each dish was composed of and how it was cooked. However, the main chef thought that this type of menu was too constricting. Instead they pick the "seasonal ingredient", this time white asparagus, and create a menu using different categories.

So like a "meat dish", "Asian Inspired", "Refresher", etc. It's quite interesting. Before the meal even starts the wait staff asks if you have any food allergies or any particular dislikes of a certain ingredient so they can modify the menu for you.

All the plates and cutlery they had were really adorable as well. It went well with the "fusion" dining theme. Definitely very French, but you can definitely feel the "asian influences." The owner and the head-chef of the restaurant,  Justin Quek, originally hails from Singapore, but studied in France to hone his culinary skills. Although he wasn't there that night, I was very, very, very impressed with all the dishes that came out of the kitchen.

The amuse-bouche was lobster infused popcorn with an ikura,salmon roe, white asparagus mousse. The lobster popcorn definitely had the taste of lobster it it, but it was little bit stale. I enjoyed the salmon roe and the mousse immensely though. The whole menu embodied spring: light, refreshing, and clean. <3

White asparagus custard with ankimo in the middle and edible gold leaf on top.

Uni Salad, those beautiful porous flakes are micro-sliced bread, and a cold white asparagus soup shooter, with truffle oil. 
Scallop Ceviche with cauliflower mousse and a white asparagus wafer

Fois Gras with Stuffed Squash Blossoms

Ribbon Fish with Cilantro Foam and White Asparagus

You might have noticed that I don't have much commentary on any of the dishes, but that's only because I loved them all so much and I thought it would be boring just reading "It was so delicious!!!" Over and over and over again. However, I  one of the most interesting things that I found about this restaurant is that basically...everything is not what it seems. Case in point, the scallop ceviche. 

My father and auntie were so convinced it wasn't scallop, one of the chefs came out and did I live demonstration of how they make it for us. The scallop was so sweet and fresh and the chefs had mixed it so well with the pink peppercorns and the lime that it honestly tasted like sweet fish. <3 Everything that was put out by the kitchen was a feast for the eyes and the palate. All the flavors were perfectly balanced and perfectly proportioned.

Sous Vide Veal 

Lobster Rice Noodles

Guava Palate Cleanser

Tangerine Orange Crepe Suzette 
The one dish that I didn't really like was this one. As a petite Asian girl, I am pretty sensitive to alcohol and Crepes Suzette is traditionally doused in Grand Marnier or orange Curacao Liquer and served flambe. While my Aunt and my father liked this dish quite a lot, the liquer was a little too overpowering for me and I didn't really get to taste the orange. There was quite a bit of zest though, so the orange flavor wasn't completely obliterated by the alcohol. 

Dark Chocolate with Coffee Ice Cream

White Truffle Chocolates and Vanilla Cakes 
I enjoyed everything tremendously and I'm looking forward to trying out Justin Quek's new restaurant in Xinyi district. It's a Food and Wine bar with a lower price point to accommodate more patrons. Here's a link for those that are curious!<3 My mother is in town, helping me move out of dorm, and I'm excited to take her to this restaurant. The tasting menu is $4000 NT a person, but if you decide to go there for lunch its about 3000NT (I think). The waitstaff was amazing: polite, efficient, and friendly; while the food was fab. Definitely, going here again. ^__^

Kid Friendly: Although the atmosphere is for more mature diners, I think the waitstaff will be very accommodating
Price: $$$$$ out of $$$$$
Repeatability: Yes

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  1. ooh looks like such a fancy restaurant
    and the food all look super delish!


  2. Hehe, I felt a bit awkward there...my dad didn't tell me we were going to a fancy place so I was dressed really casually... ::lol:: Thank you for the comment! ^__^