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Tony Moly 5 Day Mask Project: Day Two Review

Day Number 2 of the Tony Moly 5. Day Project! I was pleasantly surprised with the first "peeling" mask. I felt that it had visible results on my oily, sensitive, acne prone skin. Even though this post is coming much later than the original "Day 1" post, I completed this mask set in the allotted 5 days. 

Since it's been a while, let me refresh your memory on the five masks that come with the program. 

The masks, in order, are:
Day 1: Peeling
Day 2: Water Glowing
Day 3: Toning
Day 4: Lifting
Day 5: Total

According to the front and back of this package: 

Concept of Hyaluronic Injection / Enhancing the watery protective barrier. Highly purified Hyaluronic acid acts as booster to help strengthen moisture barrier. To prevent dryness and keeps skin moisturized with an abundance of hydration. The Natural porousness of the air puff promotes the absorption of the essence; Its capacity to float keeps the surface moisturized for a long time, showing excellence in flexibility and adhesion

My skin before! You can still see some of the Tony Moly Shocking Lip, Lip Stain I was using lingering on my lips.  That stuff stays! After the "peeling" mask of silk and clay my skin was happy to receive the promised "moisture" from the water glowing mask.

This mask uses plant cellulose to hydrate your skin. According to the back the cellulose holds onto the essence the mask is soaked in and transfers its beneficial properties into your skin.

The cellulose didn't feel too different from a regular paper mask, but, pulling gently on the mask a couple of times, I felt it had a higher tensile strength than paper.

Popping the mask on, the essence was slightly more watery than a usual mask, but was cooling and relaxing to my skin. I think these are pretty common properties of any face mask though.

With masks like these I always try and wait a little bit longer than the suggested 20-30 minutes. After all, it's just a longer period of letting the essence soak into your skin! 

I pushed this mask to 50 minutes, but it was getting slightly itchy on my face. I peeled it off and used the remaining essence in the pack to re-moisturize my skin.

After the 50 minutes, my skin felt hydrated, bouncy and happy. My skin was a tad dried out by the first day's mask, but the "water glowing mask" definitely made up for it. Although the redness in my skin wasn't very diminished, as I finished the rest of my PM night routine, I felt that my skin was smoother and more hydrated.

Looking at my skin there isn't really a visible difference, but it certainly felt better. At this point, I was pretty hooked and excited to see what pack three had in store!

Find out the deets on the first mask by clicking this link and stay tuned for "Day Three: Toning!"

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