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Tony Moly 5 Day Mask Project: Day 3 Review

Day Number 3 of the Tony Moly 5. Day Project! As mentioned previously, the peeling and water glowing masks treated me well. I'll mention the same disclaimer as in my last post. Even though this post is coming much later than the original "Day 1" post, I completed this mask set in the allotted 5 days. 

Since it's been a while, let me refresh your memory on the five masks that come with the program. 

The masks, in order, are:
Day 1: Peeling
Day 2: Water Glowing
Day 3: Toning
Day 4: Lifting
Day 5: Total

According to the pack:

Day 3: Toning Mask

Concept of Vitamin injection (Brightening) / Lightening up the skin tone. With a effects of whitening from niacinamide and vitamin C derivative, the whitening mask sheet lightens up the skin tone and makes skin clear and clean. The cellulose fabric with excellent adhesion and transparency helps lock in active ingredients within skin with its moisture retention ability.

My super tired before face! After you've pulled out all the toxins from your face and restored moisture, day three is entirely dedicated to evening out your skin tone.

I didn't expect this to work wonders (I wish there was a single treatment that could even out my skin), but since the first two masks went so well, I had high hopes for this mask too!

Like the water glowing mask, this mask is made of plant cellulose as opposed to paper or cotton.

The mask experience was the same as the previous mask: cool, refreshing and relaxing.

As usual, I waited longer than the allotted 20-30 minutes and wore it for 50 minutes.

So excite.

Despite the change in lighting between the before and after photos, I do think the cooling nature and the vitamin C lightened my redness a little bit! I don't think it did anything for my hyper pigmentation though.

Between Day 2 and Day 3 I didn't think there was that big of a difference. My skin was certainly happier and my acne was getting better, but I didn't have that "stare in the mirror" moment like I had after Day 1.

Onward to Day 4!

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