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Styling Staples: The Black Skater Skirt Part 3

Top: Marc by Marc Jacobs (Old), Bottom: Zara (Old), Purse: Coach (Old), Shoes: Talbots Peggy Sandals 
In my previous post, I showed you how I styled this black skater skirt very casually and then jumped to the deep end of the pool with a preppy pink-blazer look. With this look I tried to find a happy medium between the two. 

Which is I did with this slightly more preppy Marc Jacobs Collared Top. I liked the bright colors and the bold pattern printed on this blouse. The silk and short sleeves make the top bearable in the East Coast summer heat, but the top is lady-like enough to dress up or dress down. 

I wore nurse shoes because we were preparing to walk around NYC the whole day, but you could switch them out for a pair of sleek black pumps, throw your hair in a high bun and be good to go for a swanky evening get together with friends.

Which is what I did here in this blurry iPhone photo. Hahaha. This was shortly after coming home, so if I'm extra greasy and sweaty in the photo...well. A long day will do that to you!! Especially in the New York heat!

Anyway, back to the nurse shoes. This is one of my favorite go to outfits a "striking top" and a tailored bottom and is final look in my "Styling Staples: the Black Skater Skirt" series. I hope you liked it! It was fun to do and show a versatile piece that I wear often in my wardrobe.

Thank you for reading!

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