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Thrift Shop: Davis Square Flea

Macklemore, you were right. Thrift shopping, consignment shopping and flea markets are very fun. Even though you only explicitly stated thrift stores in your song, I feel you. I FEEL YOU.

Boston is steeped in so much history, going to consignment and thrift stores in the area is always really fun because you stumble upon some really old things. The West Coast, or at least the places that I looked, always seemed pretty "modern" and I've yet to find anything that makes me exclaim "Wow! That's old!" Here in Boston, I find that I'm regularly being surprised at how old things are or when shops were founded. The other day the boyfriend and I found a book written in the 1700s for $7, we didn't buy it, but dayum! That's pretty old.

Like this beauty right here. A 1960s Playboy. Quality reading I tell ya!

Perusing flea markets, yard sales, and purchasing knick-knacks and other random bric-a-brac has become our new hobby. We've been trying to decorate the interior of our apartment without breaking the bank and "vintage" things seem a good way to do that.

The flea market we've been to most often is the Davis Square Flea. The market's hours are every Sunday from 10am - 4 pm.

They have a rotating series of vendors and craftsmen who bring a wide range of antique furniture, prints, hand-made jewelry, vintage clothes, books, etc. It's a pretty fun place to walk through if you have time.

They even have food offerings too! One of our favorite vendors, Atomic Flat, offers a "vintage" glass soda collection.

Although we haven't found much in the way of apartment decor, I have found some cute things that I'm pretty pleased with.

The things that I purchased are a bit more "girly." For everything above, minus a matching necklace for my sister, I spent $45 dollars. Not bad for a silk scarf, two vintage necklaces, a pair of Salvatore Ferragamo Shoes, and an adorable hat!

The necklace falls like a choker and I thought it'd be cute to wear it paired with a shirt with a collar. Peter pan collar, collared shirt, cut out seemed nice. 

Honestly, I don't think I'll ever have a practical reason to wear this hat, but I liked it and it was cheap so it came home with me. I was inspired by Dita Von Teese's vintage hat collection. Hat's from the past are so beautiful. Now I'm looking for an adorable pillbox hat! 

These shoes were actually the most expensive, and the least useful. Buying vintage shoes is always sort of a gamble, the quality on these were fine, but they were obviously worn. However, my feet are super wide, while these shoes are super duper narrow. I don't think I'll be wearing them very often.

But overall flea markets/thrift things are super fun! If you're in the Somerville area I highly recommend Davis flea!

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