Moved~ | Memosne


I miss my dog. 
I've been sitting on this subject for quite awhile, but I've moved to Boston! Crazy, right? I've been with my significant other for nearly four years now, and we've finally decided to nix the "long-distance" on our relationship. Crazy right? I had to say it twice. I still can't believe I don't have a return ticket back to Vancouver.

Even though I've been abroad and relatively "independent" this is the first "Grown-Up Step" I've taken away from my parents. Hopefully I'm on the way to being financially independent and able to take care of myself as well. WHAT AM I DOING.

So far I've been in charge of getting the house ready, assembling the flat pack furniture, and cooking. While we're settling into the apartment, I've essentially been playing housewife. It's been pretty fun, but in all honesty...I miss my parents. =)

Love you Mom. Love you Dad.


  1. Aww Justine! I am really glad that you finally moved out, because it means you are finally becoming a real adult! You may miss your parents, but I found that I loved my mom and my sister so much more when I wasn't living with them. Now you and Wei need to get a dog of your own... Right??

    By the way, I have found my camera for my computer and I think I need your skypie face in my life.

  2. OH RACHEL. I'm so excited!!! I must say though, our apartment doesn't allow dogs and I am HEARTBROKEN. YES. Let's SKYPE.