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Modern Design Inc. A Review!

Some time ago, I received an email from Modern Design Inc regarding the possibility of me writing a review for them. Ecstatic, I responded back to their email and after a series of email exchanges one of their beautiful tungsten rings was sent to me. I was encouraged both to check out their website and the ring and give my honest opinions on both.

Before I accepted their request, I made sure to check out their facebook page and their website. According to both, their jewelry company was started in 1978 and they are proudly located within Downtown Los Angeles' Jewelry District. They manufacture diamond wedding rings and engagement bands, plain engagement bands, and can customize everything.

Overall, the website is professional and every page is filled with information. There aren't any dead links to speak of! Modern Design Inc. is also very connected on social media: twitter, pinterest, facebook, and even youtube! The navigation on their site is straightforward and simple, with a sidebar and a header, offering suggestions like: Men's Rings, Women's Rings, Gift Items and offering subcategories: Titanium Rings, Tungsten Rings, Engagement Rings, etc. Their site essentially functions like any other retail site on the web. One of the qualms I have with the site is that in each category they have duplicates of the same make of ring on multiple pages, so it makes it seem like there are more choices than there actually are. The second qualm I have is that there's no way to "display all" rings, you're essentially forced to look through their selection page by page and because of the numerous "duplicates" on the site it's a bit hard to remember whether you've seen a particular make or model before. In general though it's a clean, professional presentation.

The ring I asked to be sent was the Polished Flat Tungsten Ring Carbide Ring with Slim Silver Pattern Center in a size 8.5. However, we got a different model of ring, the Polished Tungsten Carbide Ring with Beveled Edges. At the time when they contacted me for sponsorship they had a smaller selection of ring designs available and most of the rings were masculine. Unfortunately for me the designs that I liked were strictly in the platinum category and those were out of bounds. The site now has an updated repertoire of rings that are distinctly unisex. 

Although the website itself says they offer a size range of 3 to 14, in an email Modern Designs told me their smallest tungsten ring was a size 5. Unfortunately for my 4.5 sized ring finger, it was a bit too big. So I harassed my boyfriend for his size and ordered a 8.5 sized ring to give to him, but they still sent me a size 5.

The quality of the ring is solid. The ring I originally picked was pretty unisex, however the one we received is pretty masculine. I’m hoping to give it to boyfriend. =) My sister and I both agreed that this ring would look very cute repurposed as a necklace. So if the rings don’t suit your fancy, you could always make it a nice pendant.

I tried to set up a additional giveaway for you guys, but they seemed pretty stringent about their "blogger rules." Unfortunately, they have a one ring per blog rule that I wasn't aware of. I'm sorry guys. =( The email and ring were both lovely surprises in my inbox and my mailbox. Thank you Modern Designs. I’m so sorry for the delay in this post! 

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