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Orange Zest

Whoa, is summer nearly over already? It feels like it's just begun...but I guess how it always is. Life passes by way too quickly...sometimes it leaves me with the feeling of grasping at straws. Going into the new school year is equally nerve-wracking and exciting. Since coming back from Taiwan, I almost forget how it is to go to my university. Is that strange? Going to university is like trying to ride a bike again I guess.

For me something that exemplifies summer is a beautiful, light, summer dress. In fact, sometimes I can't even wait until the seasons change and I start pulling out my lighter, thinner dresses during the chilly Canadian spring.

What I love about this dress is that it's so unique and starkly different than all the other dresses in my wardrobe. For the first time, I didn't have any buyers remorse after purchasing this little gem. I've gotten a lot of compliments on this dress and honestly that was a welcome surprise. When my parents and I were walking around Holt Renfrew the Louis Vuitton worker came up to me and asked me what model camera I was holding. When I told him he said "Take a lot of pictures of yourself in that dress with that camera, you look good." I was shocked! However, I was happy to oblige. ^_~

The pattern and the cut of the dress are both unique, its a fusion of a spaghetti strap style and an off the shoulder dress, with two asymmetrical ruffles. <3

Anyway, thanks for coming! I hope to see you again soon. =)

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  1. agree with the salesperson. you look gorge in that dress. where is it from?

  2. @Cushy Thank you! I'm not really used to compliments so I get all frazzled when I receive them. =) I actually got it from a nameless shop in Taiwan, they sold imported Korean clothes. ::lol::

  3. The dress is gorgeous! Making my long for spring which is almost here down in NZ :)


  4. @Marcella <3 Thank you! ^__^ I hope spring comes soon! Winter is amazing, but I definitely prefer the warmer months myself.