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Kitcho - Taipei

Kitcho. Kitcho, Kitcho, Kitcho. I can sing praises on high about this sushi restaurant. It's definitely my favorite place in Taipei for sushi. If you can't make it to Tokyo....go here instead. It is a very delicious (and perhaps cheaper?) alternative.

To me this place represents the clean, trendy, modern sushi bar that pays homage to the legacy of sushi and yet, isn't afraid to take the cuisine in a new direction. The decor reflects that ideal: with clean lines, soft ambient lighting, and modern yet delicate artwork. However, in contrast to the rest of the restaurant, the sushi bar fully lit, with clean bright light. The contrast in lighting make the restaurant reminiscent of a small theater. A stage where the actors, in this case sushi chefs, can perform and a modest auditorium in which spectators can observe.

And boy do they observe.

Although there are two rooms in the back for a more formal seating, the majority of the restaurant is dedicated to bar seating. For good reason! The chefs are completely in their element while behind the bar. Watching them meld traditional sushi ideals with modern techniques, you'll be completely entranced by their knife acrobatics, wielding of the kitchen torch, and their precision in which they use their chopsticks.

Each piece of sushi and each slice of sashimi are are meticulously prepared for consumption. I can guarantee you that if you dine here, you will be completely satisfied.

As a diner you won't just be impressed by the cuisine, but also by the wonderful service and casual banter. I never once had to ask for a refill on tea and the waitstaff cleaned away empty plates and cups quietly, efficiently, and politely.

They also provide you with the essential tools to eat sushi: chopsticks, soy sauce plate, a finger wipes, and a nice hot cup of tea.

This is a photo heavy click on the jump to see the meal! <3 

The whole restaurant is set up with a mindset focused on detail. Each sushi platter placed before you is completely one of a kind in both design, color, and texture. The owner, and main sushi chef, had them custom ordered from Japan specifically for his diners. Don't be shy to ask for more radish, seaweed, pickled ginger or pickled radish!  

Unfortunately, when I ate this meal it was before I started carrying around a notepad to write down my "in meal thoughts." Because of that, and the fact I'm not a sushi chef, I can't quite identify some sushi/sashimi. I'll label as best I can and add notes of what my favorite dishes were. I hope you enjoy! 

This is the "amuse bouche" is a stewed cod-fish roe, with some orange zest.  

Slices of Hirame Sashimi (Flounder) 

One of my favorite fishes in the world. It's very light in flavor and most often served with "ponzu sauce," a tart, citrus-y soy sauce. <3 It's supposed to taste light on the palate and very fresh. Because of the hirame itself is so light in taste, the function of the ponzu sauce is to add flavor. My father says that one usually eats hirame for the texture, as opposed to the flavor.  

Ponzu Sauce with Green Onion and a Hirame Slice

Aoyagi, Orange Clam  

Engawa, Flounder Sides 

Engawa is also one of my sushi favorites and staples. It's another part of the flounder, this time the flounder's sides, and is much stronger in flavor than hirame sashimi. The texture is slightly crunchy and overall is quite firm. A definitely treat for the mouth. 

Tairagai, Fan Clam  

Aoygai Nigiri, Orange Clam Sushi 

Orange Clam Side, Himo 

Saba Sashimi, Jack Mackerel 

Close up of Saba Sashimi 

Kimedai, Golden Eye Tai 

Nama Tako, Fresh Octopus, with Squid Ink Salt 

Shima Aji (white trevally) with a smattering of fresh wasabi 

Buri (Hamachi) 


Beautiful! Fresh Uni has a distinct flavor, very sweet and creamy. This particular uni comes from Hokkaido, typically uni that comes from there are sweeter and more delicate in flavor.  

Nama hokkigai, Fresh Surf Clam 

Hiroshima Oyster

Grilled Toro wrapped Negitoro and Uni Nirgiri 

What can I say about this? It's probably something that everyone needs to eat at least once in their lives. Eating something so sweet, creamy, and fatty at the same time is a luxuriously sinful experience. 


Honestly, I'm not usually a fan of Tamago type nirgiri or sashimi, I find that most restaurants make the egg too sweet. This time though, the egg was a welcome meal "finisher." Sweet, but not too salty 

Miso Soup with mushrooms and clams 

All in all, a lovely meal that left me feeling satisfied and full, but not bloated. It's absolutely lovely and a definite stop for me in Taipei. Always order "omakase" the chef will treat you well. I highly recommend it to anyone who lives in Taipei or has a craving for sushi. 

Kid Friendly: Yes and No (Again I've seen kids here, but the atmosphere is very mature) 
Price: $$$$$ of $$$$$
Repeatable: Yes <3 

106 Taiwan Taipei City Daan District Lane 181, Section 4, ZhōngXiào East Road 48號


  1. The place looks so clean and elegant, I guess that is also reflected in the price? The food looks amazing, though. The sashimi looks fresh and I love the presentation.
    I love your photo, btw, so pro! :D

  2. each pieces look like a piece of art. the restaurant has a nice sleek decor.

  3. @ Joey o^_^o You make me blush! Thank you!

    @Cushy ^__^ It's lovely! If you have the chance you should def go. =D