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Stylish Blogger Award

When I logged onto Blogger the other day, I was very surprised to find that I had won the Stylish Blogger Award from Ms. Joey over at Everyday Outfits. =) Well I'm more than honored and pleased? I guess the best way to express how I"m feeling right now is this face: ^_____^ ~<3

Thank you Joey. =) So here are the rules: 

1) Thank the person who awarded you the Stylish Blogger Award

2) List 7 things about yourself

3) Pass the award to other bloggers and contact them about it

So here are some things about myself! I hope you don't mind reading. =) 

  • I cannot fashionably dress myself for winter. I feel like it's a chronic illness and it just won't go away! I tend to prefer warmth to dressing fashionably and that inevitably leads me to be decked from head to toe in Northface or some sort of downy substance. >__< Here's to improvement in the future. 
  • I love high heels I prefer them over any other footwear! (Although boots are excluded) My feet are incredibly wide and flat, so I feel like heels are the only type of shoe that doesn't make them look disgusting. >__< However because of my penchant for high heels I'm beginning to get bunions.
  • I love to eat and I'm not a picky eater. I'm the daughter of two foodies and I've managed to build my palate under their careful eyes. =)  I also have a extremely high metabolism. Let's hope it keeps up with me when I get into old age. =__= 
  • I have terrible buying habits. I seem to always go for the same shape or the same "style" of dress, top, bottom skirt, in multitudes of different colors. I need to diversify my wardrobe. Anything I buy also has a 90% possibility of being black. If you open my closet it's like looking into a cave...a two dimensional cave...
  • I have an incredible sense of wanderlust. I feel incredibly blessed to have parents with an equal, or greater, amount of love for traveling and consider myself to be pretty well traveled. I've been to Italy, England, France, Japan, China, Canada, and within the US. <3 I've lived in Northern California for most of my life, but go to university in Vancouver, BC and currently reside in Taipei. I've lived in Beijing before, and now I have my sights set on Tokyo.
  • I've never had a positive, pleasurable, vintage shopping experience. I feel that in Vancouver the most raved about vintage shops are too expensive for their selection and smell like both my grandparent's houses combined. Someone tell me how to vintage shop!
  • I've finally realized very recently that you can't please everyone and can't get everyone to like you, but you can be honest to them and honest with yourself. I'm more comfortable with the "skin I'm in" than ever before and reflect that in spending time with people I love i.e. family, boyfriend, friends, and Fa Chai. <3
Thank you for reading a post all about me. >__<  I am incredibly awkward on the internet, but not in an off-putting way (I hope). Endearing? Haha, I never seem to know the etiquette of chictopia, look book, and even facebook, geez. So I'd like to set the rules here on my own blog. =P I'll always comment and have a rapport with those who are reading. I always think it's awkward if I keep commenting on someone's blog and they never respond, I feel like a creep. So I promise I'll always respond to you or I'll do my best to. So thank you so much Joey for awarding me this =) and thank you for coming! 

The bloggers I choose to pass this award onto are:

Cheryl from The Fiction I Live
Abby from Lights Up



  1. ah ha! i finally figured out how to comment you! *facepalm* thanks much! <3 I'll be doing this; it's so cute! thanks. ;)

  2. Yes you should totally try to wear more colors ^^
    Unlike me, I should wear more black often... I sometimes dress up like
    a rainbow...

    Hmmmm vintage shop without having a smell of old people...
    Well I know an online shop that sell vintage stuff but its
    pretty exspensive o:
    other than that, try your parents (yes even dad) closet and dig
    some old stuff! You be amazed of what you might find ^^


  3. Thanks for the award! We pretty have the same interest and nice to know the seven things about you. I have bunions as well and for some reason, I'm hating it so much. Makes my feet more ugly than ever.

    You are such a travel bug! I envy you so much. I've never traveled outside my comfort zone which is the Philippines but I do want to go backpacking in SE Asia.

  4. @Abigail: Yay! I hope you come back! ^__^

    @Ice Pandora: Yeah, I really need to get on that color thing. I think too much color is never a bad thing though, so don't worry. ^__^ I already dig through my mom's closet...::lol:: I can't say that she's very pleased about it though. =P

    @Cheryl: You are most welcome dearest! =) I hate bunions. They ruin my life. <3 If you ever stop by Taiwan let me know!

  5. yay congrats on your award!
    i'm so envious of all your travels!!! >.<

  6. @Derek Thank you ~<3! Traveling is fun, I feel like I need to slow down soon or else I'm going to go broke. =) I'm really, really thankful that I took this school year abroad. ^__^ I hope you get to travel more!

  7. You're most welcomed, dearie! :)
    I envy you for actually liking high heels. I wish I could trot around all day in them, it would definitely help me with my height hehe
    Wow! You've been to quite a few countries! I love traveling, too! I'm currently taking the opportunity of studying in the UK to travel around Europe. Are you really thinking of moving to Tokyo? That'd be amazing! Btw, just out of curiousity, are you an only child? I am, so just wondering :)

  8. @Joey <3 You're so sweet. High heels are bad for you! My dad has banned me from buying anymore, but we'll have to see how long that actually lasts. I'm lucky my parents really love to travel. Can you believe when I Was little I used to hate it? >__< I'm actually not an only child! I have a little sister, she's 18 and the most amazing person ever. ^__^

  9. Bah, my bf "bans" me from buying shoes all the time hehe...
    Oh, I was kinda like that! I was right grumpy when we went to Tokyo Disneyland prolly cos it was raining. I can't remember a thing! Serves me right though haha
    Awwww so sweet :D