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Safari In The Dark

Kesslord Bag, Steve Madden Flats, UO Jeans, Nameless Brand Shirt, BCBG Headband
Do I look like a deer in the headlights of your car? Haha, man. I'm truly envious of you guys who don't feel awkward in front of the camera. I feel that to prevent people from being like "Oooh, this is a bad photo." or "You look really ugly in this photo." I make myself look ugly and terrible in ALL my photos. That way they have nothing to compare anything to. THE WORST IS WHAT YOU GET.

I've been playing around with raw file format and lightroom, but I now have exported all my photos to flickr by accident. I suppose this is a good thing! I've been a bit antsy about Picasa's 1 Gig least now I have an alternative (not to mention free) platform for posting and sharing photos. (Later: I totally recant my earlier statement, flickr to blogger is terribly confusing.) 

I love all things formless, drape-y, and beige so when I saw this top hanging innocently on the rack I had to snatch it up. It might be a smidge too close to my skin tone, but I think I can work it....or alternatively: tan like crazy.

I know the pictures are kind of crap, but I haven't mastered shooting at night yet. =___= Or even shooting in the day for that matter. =) But it's only upwards and onwards from here! If my posture seems very rigid in every photo it's because it was deceptively cold out. My friend kept telling me to try and relax, but the second I did I would start shaking uncontrollably. 

It's been sunny for the past few days though! I'm excited. Maybe if I can heckle my friend into being a photographer again or use a tripod I can start playing with my dslr a bit more. I'm also leaving for Hong Kong on friday! So even more jittery for that. Although school as barely started, it's only two months in, I totally am burnt out. I need a vacation! <3 

Thanks for coming! 

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  1. You don't look ugly or terrible in photos! Seriously, I'm not just saying that to be nice.
    The shirt looks really comfy. I like your bag!
    I feel awkward in front of the camera, too. That's why I have so many "oh hey, look, my feet!" poses. -.- It's quite awkward using the self-timer, isn't it? I'm thinking of investing in a tripod. I say "investing" as if it's really expensive, it's not, but it's just that I'd rather the money go to clothes haha
    Oh, have fun in Hong Kong! Shop more and eat an extra portion of mango pudding at Hui Lao San(sp?) for me! Major envy :D

  2. I need a vacation too! I really badly need one! I love your top and I feel you. I get shy before when I ask my friend to take outfit shots but you get used to it. Why are you shy and feeling ugly when in fact,you're really pretty. Trust me, you really are. :)

    We also bought a dslr and we're still working our way on it. Haha! It's not that easy but I don't know how others managed to do so. Photography lessons 101!

  3. @Joey Haha, thank you. >__< I think you're incredibly pretty though. Being completely honest. =) I always wonder what sort of people are like "naturals" in front of the camera. Hm. I totally understand what you mean about the tripod...right now I'm living out of my suitcase in Taipei because I don't want to invest in a closet that will only have to be abandoned at the end of the year...

    @chyrel Thank you sweet heart, I think you're really pretty too. Sometimes it's easier to see beauty in other people than yourself. You know? <3 Man DSLR's are so hard. Sometimes I get a wonderful photo and I'm in love with it...use the same setting on a similar back drop and it's worse that my point and shoot. Whaaaaa.