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Tiffany's Silver Polishing Cloths: Are they worth it?

Tiffany's. Tiffany Blue. Property of Tiffany's! Breakfast at Tiffany's! Tiffany's jewelry has been the default present I've been getting for the past couple of years and my mother, who is the unofficial jewelry aficionado within out house, often stocks up on jewelry polishing cloths. My question was whether Tiffany's polishing cloths are a cut above the rest.

The silver polishing cloth is $5 for a 5 by 7 inch swath of Tiffany Blue cloth. It's been treated with chemicals that make it easier to strip the tarnish away. On Tiffany's website, and many third party websites, it says that if you want to prolong your sterling silver's shine you should wear your jewelry often. However, I am some sort if mutant and whenever I wear my jewelry it tarnishes more quickly. (X-men here I come.) Basically this means I need to polish my jewelry more often in order for it to be wearable.

I've included some photos below to show the efficacy of the polishing cloths. In order you'll see a before, "halfway", and completely polished photos.

Left Side Cleaned, Right Side Dirty 
All Clean!

The cloth gets dirtier as time goes on, obviously, but it does it's job. 

I've purchased cheaper polishing cloths (albeit for a smaller swatch of cloth), but the off brand cloth does just as good of a job as the Tiffany blue one. If you don't have a polishing cloth in your collection and you have more than a couple of pieces of sterling silver jewelry, I'd recommend the $5 Tiffany's cloth. It's good to have for those quick touch ups and when you're rushing to polish your jewelry while running out of the house.

At a later date I'll test the boiling water, baking soda and aluminum foil treatment, but for now I recommend Tiffany's silver polishing cloths.

If you have any questions, please feel free to post them below! I'll do my best to answer them. 

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