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Grids and Scallops

Skirt: Devlin, Shirt: Wilfred (Old), Shoes: Vera Wang, Purse: Chanel
I am a fan of monochromatic outfits. Black on black on black. To keep outfits from being too boring I usually adhere to three rules:

1.) Variation in shade
2.) Variation in texture
3.) If possible, break up with a subtle pattern

Like this! This skirt and shirt combo is turning out to be one of my favorites. The texture and architecture of the skirt coupled with the subtle grid pattern on the silk shirt make it a casual yet dressy outfit. With this I even go minimal on the accessories. 

The skirt is made up of layers of a stretchy scuba material. Although the brand is devlin, I've seen this skirt recreated by multiple brands in a multitude of colors and shades. I'm thinking of investing in more myself...I was surprised at how much I liked the fit! 

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