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Peek a boo! Indian Summer, I see you!

What's the number one justifiable reason for buying an over priced t-shirt?

Wearing: Club Monaco T-Shirt, AA Denim Shorts, Momo Hat
Never? Oh, my answer was when it had an image or print that you really liked. HOHO. I actually did buy this "on sale", but the price that Club Monaco had for it was still slightly higher than what I would pay for a white t shirt. Guys. Wait though. Guys. Mondays. Mon-DAZE. GET IT. IT'S SO CUTE. I also appreciate that the lettering of "Mondaze" is dyed into the fabric versus being ironed on. Usually I dislike embossed or "iron on" designs because they crack and peel. I love a faded tee, but peeling and cracking designs make a t-shirt look cheap.

While I've been cooking, setting up the apartment, and perusing the internet for job postings....this is usually my go to schlub outfit. I was told Autumn in Boston usually began around this time, but I've still been bumming around in the few summer dresses, shorts, and T-shirts I brought to Boston. I have a whole suitcase of sweaters that are crying sweater-y tears because they aren't being worn just yet.

I also purchased these American Apparel denim shorts second hand from a consignment store. They were about $15 dollars used, and they retail for $32 new, so I feel pretty good with the price I got them for. Although AA says that they're the "Stretch Twill Runner's Short," there's a label on the interior that says "American Apparel Denim." The wash on these guys also appears darker, so I'm not so sure about that either. All in all, this combo is a pretty good schlub outfit and I enjoy running about the house in it. I wouldn't have any qualms running to CVS or the supermarket in this either. 

What are your favourite "at home" outfits? 

Enjoy the gifs!


  1. So adorable! My favorite lounging outfit is a soft dress length t-shirt and that's it. Maybe some sweats for winter, nothing fancy. I love the red lips btw.

  2. @Iris Ruiz: Thank you so much!

    @Rachel: I've been looking for a comfortable "lounge dress" for the longest time! For now, I just go with oversized t-shirts, but a acquiring a nighty is the ultimate goal!