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Lipstick Queen: Red Sinner A Review!

I'm so excited. Since I've been so homesick, one of my closest friends sent me a care package of wonderful important makeup things. As per usual, he is one of the most attentive, sensitive, amazing people ever and somehow managed to remember one of the brands that I had off handedly mentioned trying out. Lipstick Queen! He purchased the "Red Sinner" lipstick from their Sinner and Saint line. The S+S Line gives you the option of buying either a Saint lipstick, which contains 10% pigment, or a Sinner Lipstick, which contains 90% pigment, in a range of 20 colors.

After opening the beautiful packaging, for some reason it reminded me of Japanese branded cosmetics, and pulling out the bullet, you'll see that there's a little sticker warning behind the tube. It basically says don't worry if your lipstick out looks weird, due to the organic pigments and shea butter there are going to be surface irregularities.

The packaging is beautiful. The purple and the gold remind of Metropolis or Watchmen's Ozymandias, I'm probably the only one who thinks this, and it just reads sumptuous luxury. I feel very queenly during the lipstick application process, even though I'm applying it to my face like a three year old colors with crayons.

When you take the lipstick's cap off, you're greeted by Poppy King's, the founder of Lipstick Queen, little emblem in gold. It may seem silly to be this excited about a lipstick, but it does seem like they put thought into every aspect of the packaging. Another nice touch is the fact that the entire bullet is rubberized.

This lipstick is so creamy. I don't know why, but this lipstick really feels like it's nourishing my lips while I have it on. It makes my lips feel supple and nourished and, above all, it doesn't feel like there's product just "sitting" on my lips.

The lipstick is very "lightweight" for having such opaque color and that compared to other red lipsticks,  it doesn't transfer like crazy to glasses, cheeks, and other things that your lips might touch. However, I do feel that you need to wear a lipliner to prevent bleeding.

On my skin, Red Sinner reads as a bright true red. It's finish is silky, as described by Lipstick Queen themselves, and I find it to be accurate. The finish is semi-matte, with just enough natural sheen to make your lips look kissable. There's no shimmer or frost, so you won't get a disco-ball effect on your lips.

I'm pretty sure I'm an addict now. 

I've actually been looking at their site for at least five years! I first remembered discovering her website when I was in high school. I have major issues with buying things online without seeing them in person first. I feel that most of my online purchases are "tried and true" products that I've had personal experience with. This was a perfect gift for my scaredy cat self! Thank you!


  • Lightweight
  • Moisturizing
  • Amazing pigmentation
  • True red and wonderful finish
  • Staying power! 


  • Few places in my area to physically "play with" colors and shades
  • Lip products are a guilty pleasure of mine, but I can see how $20+ for a tube of lipstick would be crazy for some 
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