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3.5 Ways to Wear Club Monaco's Blossom Top

As I've gotten older and I've honed in on my style a bit more, I've found that the most coveted pieces in my wardrobe, and the ones that get the most wear, are my most versatile pieces. When I saw the Blossom Top in the Club Monaco store, I was drawn to its simple pattern, collar detail, and texture. However, I was a bit turned off by the price, especially with the future costs of dry cleaning a 100% silk item, but...it...was....so...cute!! Someone kill me now. I have a problem.

However, I do feel that I've gotten my money's worth for it and I've decided to share with you the ways that I've styled it in order to alleviate my ever-growing guilt and shopper's remorse. I suppose I should put this disclaimer here, I'm not sponsored by Club Monaco or any other company in any way, shape, or form...I'm just addicted to buying things.

So where I could, I've posted links where you can get exact items I have, but a lot of my closet is just an accumulation of stuff over time, so I've tried to find the "closest" matches for you in the links I've included below if the "real thing" isn't available.


H&M Hat, Momo Sweater, Club Monaco Blossom Top, Uniqlo Jeans, Coach Bag
This is a cute, casual ensemble I would wear out as a transition outfit from winter to spring. With a light jacket thrown over this whole thing, it's actually quite warm! I also think it's a really dapper way to welcome spring, especially when you're in denial and dressing like it's spring when it's really late winter. You know, like when the temperature is still really cold, but the sun is still out? The Sun is a lie. It imparts no warmth. NONE.

I wouldn't go so far as to say this outfit was menswear inspired, but I've really come to appreciate structured collars on shirts. Layering a collared shirt with a nicely patterned sweater has quickly become a style that I don almost everyday. It's a good way to add some simple visual interest to a plain outfit.

Also, can I give a shout out to Uniqlo? I love it so freaking much. The jeans fit well, are good quality, and are also so insanely affordable. Uniqlo also offers free hemming and they can have your jeans ready within an hour. Crazy! FREE HEMMING. READY WITHIN AN HOUR. Even at Club Monaco, although they too offer free hemming, you have to wait for at least a couple of days.

I've never purchased a pair of Citizens of Humanity, True Religion, or 7 For All Mankind jeans, simply because I'm a cheapskate. Jeans?! FOR OVER $100 dollars?! WHY. I know that mentality can be applied to all things, especially things like food and makeup, but we all spend our money differently right? =) If you wanna try cheap, good quality jeans though...try Uniqlo.

Hat: I have three options for you! My hat is original from H&M and is wool, but...

"Business Casual"

Prada Sunglasses, Versace Blazer, Top Shop Moto Jeans, Ninewest Shoes, Michael Kors Bag, Club Monaco Blossom Top 
Blazers are the frosting of the fashion world. Throw a structured blazer on anything and it just makes an outfit that much better. For this outfit, I wanted to mix black and navy. *GASP* I know. Black and navy is stereotyped as less than an ideal combo, especially in business suits. I think the general rule of thumb is that you either stick to one color or the other. To marry these two colors best, I thought it would be wise to utilize color blocking. I picked this burgundy, a color that goes with both well, to blend the blazer with the navy collar, while still adding interest to the whole outfit.

Although I say this is "business casual", I just wanted to highlight how you can appear clean cut and sophisticated, without getting in the full office getup. However, looking back on this I'm pretty sure colored jeans won't really be welcomed in a strict office environment. Regardless, I would still wear this out and, perhaps, inside a more lenient office environment.

Blazer: I was lucky to get my Versace blazer on super sale at T.J. Maxx in California, that place is a goldmine, but here's some black fitted blazers for you to try: 

Skirting and Silhouettes 

Cashmere Sweater, Coach Bag, Uniqlo Skirt, Soffft Shoes, CM Blossom Top
So the reason why I say 3.5 ways to wear the Blossom Shirt as opposed to 4 is because I honestly feel that these last two outfits are the same. What I wanted to highlight here is the importance of silhouette and shape. In this first skirted outfit, the navy skirt is in a paper bag style and is puffy and pleated. To me the skirt brings a more flirty, casual element to the Blossom Top, almost reminiscent of a 1950s style A-line dress. With a cute maroon heel and a nice cardigan, it makes for the perfect outfit to enjoy a sunny day.I recently purchased this guy from Uniqlo and again, I'm loving it. It even has pockets! 

Honestly though, I have tried many, many times to get the perfect "paperbag" skirt and shorts, but each time I've had the problem of the material not being right, the quality being poor, or, in the case of shorts, giving me a sort of wicked camel toe. No one wants to see that! This beautiful skirt is made out of a thick cotton, with a lining, for only thirty dollars. For the quality you get?! I'd say it's thicker and more delicately sewn than anything I've seen at Zara, Forever21 or even H&M. 

I raved about Uniqlo jeans in the first outfit section, but, honestly, all their items are super well made and affordable. It's no wonder they have international appeal and an almost cult-like following. I know they just opened one of their stores in San Francisco, but please Uniqlo! Come up a little further north!! We all want your heat tech, cashmere, and super strechy jeans here!! 

Cardigan: Again, I plundered this cardigan from a sale at Nordstrom, so I can't find the exact one...
Shoes: Unfortunately I can't remotely find anything that are similar to my Soffft shoes pictured here. However, I can direct you to their website here! Maybe you'll find something you like. =)

As for this "outfit" I went with a really fitted pencil skirt to match the navy in the collar. As you can tell the silhouette of the skirt gives a completely different vibe from the first. Where the first outfit was casual and Spring-y, this outfit is more formal and can easily be worn into the office. It's well fitted, has clean lines, and a hemline that falls just above the knees...so you know...you don't look too scandalous. Taking the blazer from the second outfit and putting it on this one would add polish and finish off the "office appropriate" look.

I purchased this skirt from Zara a while back and I really fell in love with its simplicity. The extremely fitted shape and the "peplum-ish" detailing at the waist made it an easy piece to wear, dressed up or dressed down. However, one thing that I really didn't realize until I wore it this skirt for the first time, was the lack of the slit in the back. Usually with really fitted pencil skirts like this, there's usually a stitched slit at the back you can cut in order to make walking easier for you. Walking in this skirt is not extremely difficult, but certainly tedious. I have to walk with small paced steps and stepping onto high ledges, for example getting into a bus, is extremely difficult. 

Shoes: Similar, but not quite Nine West Shoes
1.) Basic Pencil Skirt Zara
2.) Pencil Skirt With Zip
Shirt: Club Monaco Blossom Shirt

Well, I hope you enjoyed this rather long and image heavy post! Clearly none of these outfit ideas are "brand new", but I hope I've inspired you a little bit. Thanks for reading!

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