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Pictures From New York

Thank you so much for being patient guys! I just wrote my final midterm a few hours ago and I'm feeling less stressed....for the moment. Ugh. In the meantime while I write a review for Vancouver's La Faux Bourgeois, here are some derp pictures of New York! I was so excited to see my boyfriend and my sister the camera didn't get used much....but I hope you can sense the amount of fun we had all hanging out with each other. 
Times Square

We got into NYC after a four hour bus ride from Boston dead tired, but excited! Boyfriend nad I had been so excited to see each other he threw a surprise "Welcome Party" for me once we got back to his dorm room. We met with my sister headed over to the national history museum (where we spent four hours), walked around central park, checked into the hotel, walked around some more, went back to the hotel....and the three of us fell asleep. =___= Until dinner. Which was unfortunate because we only had one day in NYC and we all had wanted to use up every single second of it. 
Motown Comics
However, I'm sure you can see how dead tired and greased I am from the bus ride. There's something about traveling in cars, buses or airplanes that make the person absolutely their greasiest and most terrible. Half the time I get off a bus or step off the plane I look like Alan Rickman's Severus Snape. Equally greasy and equally displeased.
Natural History Museum
I'll be quiet now though. =) As opposed to my other thoughts from places I went to NYC just to chill and relax....I had a lot of fun recharging my spirits with my two best friends. ;)
Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum

If you guys have any questions about NYC, let me know! I'll do my best to answer them. I'm sorry for the quality of the photos....when we weren't sleeping the three of us were either walking around, laughing, or making fun of each other. I'm a terrible photographer anyway. =P 

Keep an eye out for my next post! It shall be soon. ^^

Also I saved my favourite photo for last! I'm not sure if you can in this photo, but this couple was walking their pet rabbit. =) 

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